SuperShow5: Super Junior World Tour in Manila [★]

October 25, 2013

Last night, the phenomenal kpop boy group Super Junior once again proved that they are Halyu superstars as they rocked in their concert in the SM MOA Arena as part of their SuperShow5 World Tour. It's already their third time to hold a major concert here, and each and every time, Filipino ELFS showed their over-all support to their idols. SuperShow5 is co-presented by Globe and e-PLUS.

To be honest, I did not really have plans of seeing the show (because of certain circumstances, I was saving up money for other things), but NuffnangPH served as a fairy godmother and provided us tickets for the concert!

This is a first for me and sis to be on the VIP area in a concert so this one was a real treat for us. It's my sister's first kpop concert too! :D 

KPOP Fandom At Its the Best
The crowd was already screaming even after the show was on. This is the first stage of SuJu member Heechul after serving the military in Korea for 2 years. The fans started to chant 'Kim Heechul!' as support for his comeback on stage. :D Everyone in our section was restless while waiting for the show to start. We were all busy taking pictures and spazzing with fellow fangirls. Fans of all ages were there. I even saw women in their 40s (I think) happily taking pictures of the stage. Some fans were distributing banners to fellow fans as part of a fan project for the show.

SuperShow Starts!
A few minutes past 7PM, the lights went out and the fans went wild with screams. An AVP started playing on the widescreens depicting the members as handsome gunmen. Cloth drapes also slided down the stage with projected walking silhouettes of the members.

Some of the Songs They Performed (I'm unfamiliar with the others): 
Mr. Simple
Super Girl
It's You
Sexy Free & Single
Break Down

Sorry Sorry
Show Me Your Love (OMG they originally sang this with TVXQ, my bias group!)

I am not updated with the latest songs of Super Junior and because attending this concert was decided in a very short notice, I was not able to prepare and review their songs. To my relief however, I was still able to relate to their songs during the first half because they performed their classic songs already familiar to me.

Never in my wildest dreams have I thought of seeing Bonamana and Mr. Simple performed by the group live. I have studied the choreo of these songs myself (for some company events) and even taught it to colleagues. I couldn't help but dance with them during the performance!

During the first parts of the show, I could clearly see in their faces that they were tired. Their eyes and expressions showed it. But then looking at their schedule explains it. Upon  arrival to the airport in the morning, they went straight to the Arena to rehearse. I think their only break was their lunch. They have such hectic schedule. They were sweating a lot after a couple of dancing numbers. But who wouldn't, when they were dancing with these black long-sleeved costumes on?!

It was Eunhyuk who first took off his blazers (during Sexy Free & Single), baring his muscles. (*°∀°)=3 He looked so handsome while he danced with sexy girls during one number.

After breaking several energetic dance songs, they mellowed down to singing ballads. To suit the calm aura of the music, they changed costumes into white blazers. This just made them even more handsome! (。’▽’。)♡

Special Stages
To bring back the energy, the show went on with Shindong appearing with a bunch of dancers on the side. He has this red scar-like makeup in his face. He did powerful dance moves on stage. Moments later, he was joined by Eunhyuk wearing only a furry coat on top exposing his gorgeous abs! (人´∀`*)That's the first abs exposure of the night (ehem not like I'm expecting a lot)! Eunhyuk proved that he is one of a hell of a dancing machine by rocking some moves on the stage. And then Donghae appeared, looking so cool dancing energetically with the two. Hey I didn't know Donghae could dance well! It was a powerful performance (of course hip-thrusts are a must).

There was also a part in the show when the lights went out and then went on again focusing on a very ridiculously-looking woman standing on the left side of the stage. Wait, that looked like Siwon!

Siwon, is that you?!
And then one by one, some other members came out cross-dressed too! (。 >艸<)

Kangin, what happened? xD

I was mostly shocked with this one member. When I first looked at the face, I really thought it was a female. But hell no, it was Sungmin!

I think the other one cross-dressed was Ryeowook. They just did this short dance but, check this out, they were wearing high-heels!

Too bad they were not facing us when they performed this. (; T.T))

Moving on, Henry played the piano and danced during his solo stage.  Meanwhile, Heechul (the most anticipated one!) sang a song while sitting with sexy girls on a red sofa. 

Henry during his solo stage

After the solo stages, group performances resumed. It was around their Break Down performance that I lost track of remembering the songs that they performed. I just got totally immersed with the show and cared less with the details! My sister and I were all over the place dancing like party animals in a club. 

Superb Stage and Production
Just look at the stage and the lights! Even the props (fireworks, bubbles, smoke, confetti) were amazing!

The stage even had revolving doors that the members used as entry during several parts in the concert.

The fans has something to bring back the idol's effort, the amazing blue ocean. :D

Breaking the Language Barrier
Not all of them could speak English. Actually, only Siwon and Henry could converse well with the language. Kyuhyun tried, but he could only utter phrases. During the first talk ment, it was  only Siwon who was mostly presiding. There were several gaps of silence from them, like they were unsure of what to say or what to do.

After a few minutes, a translator was heard saying in Filipino what they were talking about. Starting then, they got more comfortable in talking and just freely expressed themselves in Korean while the translator relayed the Filipino equivalent of what they were saying. The subtitles of the AVPs were also in Filipino. They really made effort to reach out to us Filipino fans! :D

Heechul said he was still shy to the fans (because maybe it was a long while since he last performed on stage). The members encouraged the fans to cheer him... which of course the fans warmly responded.

Eunhyuk said fans became prettier and said 'Mahal ko kayo'.

Actually without the need of words, they were able to convey their feelings for the fans. Through their smiles, dance, and wave of hands, we could tell that they were happy to be there and to perform. All the signs of exhaustion that I noticed during the start were washed away by the overwhelming energy that they have received from their fans.

Strict Security
Within our area, several bouncers were situated, not mostly to control the crowd, but to check for people who are using DSLRs. Only point-and-shoot and phone cameras were allowed in the concert. There were still a few rule-breakers. This one Korean girl was beside me and she was shooting with her SLR with a long lens which she hid with a towel. Unfortunately, a bouncer saw her and gave her a warning to not use it again or else she'd be ushered out of the venue.

Upclose with SuJu
Because we were so near the stage, we were able to see all of the members up close. Kyuhyun was the first member that appeared on stage, standing at the left side of the stage. Sungmin came to our side during their Mr. Simple performance. 

The handsome Kyuhyun during their opening number

We had the best moments with Siwon, Kyuhyun and Donghae. They kept coming at our side. Donghae is so kind to the fans. He even was the one insisting to get that hat from a fan (check this out on my video below). He wore it for a while before giving it back to the fans. Even with other fans, he welcomely accepted taking their cameras and shooting pictures of himself with it. There was also a moment when Siwon sat down at our side for almost a minute! They were so handsome in person! Their pearl-white skin was radiating within the stage lights. I can't describe enough their perfection in words, so just check out some fancams that my sister took during the concert. 

[Fancams are still under editing phase... I'll upload them as soon as they're done. I guarantee you, you'll gonna love them, especially if your bias is Donghae, Siwon or Sungmin ;)]

Here you go! Here are the fancams! 

I had to scale down the video quality to shorten uploading time. :(

Being close to the stage made us feel the performance and be actually part of the show itself (unlike being just a spectator from the seats above). The distance also let us see  some intimate events in the concert like:

- In the rising platform, Siwon nearly fell off during the first part of the concert. He was just one step away from falling from the stage! Good thing he came to his senses to look back and step forward again.
- We could see some behind-the-scene actions like stage directors signalling the staff for directions and arranging of props by the crew men on stage before the lights went on again.

It was a three-hour concert (by far this is the longest one I've been to) and we were already overwhelmed by the powerful performance that they did on the stage. This is why when I heard the crowd chant 'We want more!', I thought, wasn't that more than enough already? But no, apparently for Super Junior, the show was not yet over.

For their encore, they sang Sorry, Sorry, the track that rose them to stardom in the country. 

They went on performing several songs more, their energy level unwavering throughout the show.

During their last talk with the audience, Henry said that Filipino fans are the loudest fans and asked the crowd to scream to prove his point. xD Eunhyuk shouted 'We love you!' Donghae raised the Philippine flag (but in the wrong way, with the red banner on top (º_º)).

Even good things has to come to an end, and so this show did. The members invited all the dancers to come up the stage, and in one line with hands interlinked, they bowed before an applauding crowd.

And then confetti fell! It was so fun to be showered in it!

It was really an incredible night, one that I won't easily forget. This is really what I like about the Korean fandom. It's not just the music, but the also the camaraderie that bonds the idols and the fans.

Thank you again to Globe and Nuffnang for making this all happen! ^_______^

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  1. Hi Kathleen! Its Kristine ( OMG youre so lucky!!How did you get invited to the concert?:) I do have ticket to the Infinite concert already but Im still waiting for (any) PR to contact me for a pass to their press conference. T T Argggggh. Ive been to Shinee and Exo's Press Con before so I know its better if you see them not performing. The mood is calmer and you get to see their faces closer. Anyway, nice review! Very detailed! <3

    1. Hi!~ I was just contacted by NuffnangPH to cover the event It's the company that holds ads in my blog. :D

      Yeah, I saw in your blog that you did see Shinee (!!) and EXO. Your photos of them are very nice! I really hope you do get a PR pass for Infinite's press con. :D

      Thanks for dropping by! :D

    2. I do have a Nuffnang account... But I use Google Adsense kasi connected sa YouTube.. oh well, so good for you! :) Kapag na invite ka sa Infinite press con, please tag me along hehe <3

    3. I hope so! :D Sure, I'll inform you. :)


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