Cool Websites: Working With CSS and Color Palettes [★]

October 13, 2013

Website designing can become a tough job if you don't yet have an idea on what you really want to do on the site. These days, even non-programmers sometimes get into designing stuff to personalize the look of their social networking pages. Good thing even if you don't really understand those codes of HTML and CSS, there are a lot of sites out there that can help you.

Just one look on the website and I already knew I could trust this one. Their site itself says a lot on how they work! I love the layout of their site and this really shows that they know what they are doing. This site helped me on tweaking things for the navigation menu of my blog.

Finding the perfect combination of palettes to suit your site's theme can be a headache. Good thing this site is a life saver! It lets you upload an image and then generates a set of palette that complements the colors on your image. I am so happy I found a site like this. Ingenious!

These two websites helped me in redesigning my blog. These might also work for you. Go check them out! :)

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