Book Reads: Brida (Paulo Coelho)

April 07, 2018

I've had this book for sometime, but because of one thing and another, I wasn't able to continue reading it. Well fortunately in the recent Holy Week, I had a 7-day vacation (which I haven't had for the longest time). I spent half the week at our province (Pangasinan). That's where I had the time to pick up this book.

It was apparently the perfect time to read this book. I was away from the busy city, away from all the distraction, living the simple days at the countryside. If you've read some Paulo Coelho titles, you'll know that the common theme of his books would make you reflect in life and experience some sort of existential crisis. 😂

This book tells stories about witches, magi, Traditions of the Sun and Moon, and the existence of soul mates. The last one is my favorite. If only it was that easy to learn if someone is your soulmate - finding that light on the left shoulder, and that glimmer in the eyes, then I guess most people will be able to avoid spending their time with the wrong people. I'd like to believe that I have already met several soul mates during this lifetime (so far), but I just wasn't able to recognize them. 😅  I actually liked how the love story ended between Brida and the Magus. It's bittersweet, but I guess that's what true love is: it's willing to sacrifice for the other.

Reading the book made me dream about time travel, adventure, and the stars. Also, I like how the book reminded me to respect Nature more - the trees, animals, and other living things that the eyes cannot see.

It was an enjoyable book. I was drawn into a magical place, with traditions and practices that makes you feel you are not alone - you are part of this universe, like a card of a Tarot deck, and somewhere out there, there are soul mates seeking for their other halves.

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