Original Pinoy Music (OPM) Artists I'm Currently Obsessed With

April 07, 2018

I've never been really into the local music scene, and I feel a bit guilty for not supporting our own (yeah I know I've always been to Western/KPOP songs). Recently however, the winds are changing. I'm not really as active as before in terms of following kpop groups, and I just actually depended on what Spotify would pick up for me to discover new artists. Well the trend is leaning towards getting more local bands! 😊Maybe my taste is changing, but I'm really liking the songs that our local bands are creating!

Here are some of the artists whose tracks I've liked on Spotify. 

Alpha Caeli
My favorite track: Intertwine
Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

Ang Bandang Shirley
My favorite track: Siberia
Facebook | Youtube Twitter | Instagram

My favorite track: Gising
P.S.They are the band I was given the privilege to shoot on a photography workshop!
Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

My favorite track: Kathang Isip
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

My favorite track: Balewala
Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

Caleb Santos
My favorite track: Forever
Official SiteFacebook  | Twitter | Instagram

My favorite track: Puno
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Elle Sebastian
My favorite track: Bahaghari
Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

My favorite track: Tahanan
Facebook | Twitter

Reese Lansangan
My favorite track: Autopilot
Official Site | Facebook Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

My favorite track: Smilky
Facebook | Twitter

Go check their music!  OPM is not dead. OPM lives on.

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