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April 15, 2018

This week (and including last week too) there were lots of surprises of new releases from artists that I follow, and the biggest one for me is the one from Taylor Swift (I don't care what the critics are saying). I'm starting to get back to my old routine of using a morning playlist to perk up my mornings (because I had to wake up earlier because of changes at work), and having these new songs play in the morning makes it less boring (plus it has the dual purpose as a timer).

Taylor Swift (Original by Earth, Wind, Fire)
I don't understand all the hate this cover is getting (excuse me critics, but one of the original co-writers liked it). This song played, and even before knowing it's T.Swift, it caught my attention. Her cover gave this funky song an acoustic twist. Great to hear Taylor is still up for doing country songs!

Every Morning I Feel Like Running Away
Her voice reminds me of HAIMAmanda Palmer and Imogen Heap. I like it. Looks like she's just an emerging artist (having released music since 2017). Hope to hear more of her in the future!

Us The Duo
My favorite duo of all time, these real-life couple is one of my favorite discoveries on Spotify. I was actually too late to the party, as apparently they've already been in Manila for a concert! 😭They've recently announced on their Youtube channel that they're having a baby! I'd surely follow their journey on this. #couplegoals 💗

It's been a while since I heard from one of my favorite KPOP groups. I even didn't know they were still releasing new songs, as most of their members are in the military already. This track resembles their M.A.D.E. tracks, so hmm nothing new.

Sarah Geronimo
I've known Sarah since she was still a contestant in the singing contest Star for A Night where she won, and I've seen her grow in the industry and sure she has solidly established herself as a singer. I'm not a fan of her other songs, but this one sure is my taste, very mellow and romantic - can qualify as a theme for a wedding march.

I just noticed the palette of the album art of the songs featured here, and I like it! These songs would be the soundtrack of my mornings for the next two weeks or so. Looking forward to that! 😁

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