Review: Third Eye Wellness | BGC

April 27, 2018

A friend of mine recommended this spa place in Bonifacio Global City where she had a satisfying full body scrub. I've never had a body scrub before (I'm always into DIY stuff, just buying salt scrubs in the market). I was excited to undergo a scrub professionally so I gave in to my friend's recommendation and bought a voucher at Deal Grocer to avail of the Javanese Lulur Whitening Scrub service from Third Eye Wellness Spa.

Here are some things you should know/prepare before pampering yourself with this body scrub:

  • Book your schedule as early as possible. I scheduled mine days before so I didn't have a problem with getting my preferred slot.
  • For the ladies, schedule your scrub on the day in between your periods. This is already an obvious one, but just in case you don't realize - you'll be almost butt-naked so find a great timing to get your spa!
  • Come on time. I came to the spa early because I didn't want to get stressed worrying I won't make it on time (knowing the BGC area, it's heavy traffic most of the time!)
  • Wear your best underwear! There are basically two stages with this service: a body scrub and a massage. For the first part, you will be provided a disposable underwear that you will wear during the body scrub. After that procedure, you will be asked to shower (there's a connecting bathroom to the spa room). After the shower, you will lie on the spa room again for the massage, this time wearing your own underwear so be sure to flaunt the best one you have! 😁

It was my first time there and the staff was accommodating given that it was my first time (I was confused first why they handed me a disposable panty LOL). The place was clean and the spa room had some relaxing spa music. I really felt rejuvenated after my scrub and massage. Nancy, the staff who attended to me, even served me tea with honey after. 💗🍵 It was the perfect way to relax after the massage!

Another thing that I liked about this spa place is that it has its own cafe! It was already lunch time when I finished so I ordered some pasta. There were also lots of books displayed around the cafe (some about Wicca and the Tao ways) that I got curious and browsed some. I even spotted Paulo Coelho's Eleven Minutes book there. I realized this was the perfect place for me to visit after reading Brida. There were also scents, herbs and natural supplements available for sale.

I saw that the spa was offering Tarot Reading lessons! 😮*wow*
This spa is indeed one of a kind. The name might sound a bit creepy, but they're just a spa with great service. I guess I'll wait again when they sell vouchers over Deal Grocer again (as of this writing, it's already sold out) so I could pamper myself and just have a relaxing time (for once!).

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