Pangasinan: Lenten 2018

April 24, 2018

For this year's Holy Week, I spent it again at our province in Pangasinan. It has always been our family tradition to go there during the summer vacation. In recent years I wasn't able to go back again because of work and other appointments. I wanted to maintain the tradition alive, even pass it down to the newer generation (my niece!). My niece was able to visit her lolos and lolas (grandparents) in the province. This visit this year is indeed one of my favorites so far.

We borrowed my brother's car, and so that's what we used to travel to the province. There was heavy traffic along NLEX (as usual, because almost all people are going on a vacation) and it got worse because of some accidents involving trailer trucks. Along the way, I switched with my dad in driving. It was my first time to drive along a highway wherein there's a speed limit. It was exhilarating to drive at 80kph (I almost went beyond, good thing my dad was observing me while I drive). It was a huge accomplishment for me ever since I learned how to drive. I was able to drive from NLEX to Tarlac. 😎

It was always my dad's habit to walk along the fish pond in the morning - it's his form of morning exercise. This time, he took his grand daughter along. Of course I went with them to capture some photos. πŸ˜€

As usual, we walked around the fishing ponds. My niece was really excited looking at all the fish and the seashells.
My dad rocking that Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour shirt πŸ˜‚
one of my favorite shots during the trip

I always feel relaxed whenever I am at our province. I'm closer to nature, and the wind breeze is cooler, and it's just quieter and calmer. I could hear the chirping of the birds. πŸ’— One of my favorite parts is interacting with the pet dogs and cats! They are all very tame and used to people. I loved petting each of them! 😺🐢

I witnessed every sunrise and sunset of each day, all because I'm so used to waking up early. I was always up as early as 6AM each day.

I also enjoyed capturing the sky - whether it be sunrise or sunset. I am so satisfied on how my camera is capturing the sceneries (courtesy of my Lumix camera!).

My stay felt extra special because I was reading a Paulo Coelho book during that time. I contemplated deeply about life and what I really wanted to accomplish in this journey.

On our last night, electricity went out because it suddenly rained hard. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, and realizing all the lights were out, I went outside to check the sky (in case you don't know, I love astronomy) I was trying to match the stars I was seeing with the constellations I was familiar with, and I was confused because there were two bright dots in my vision that shouldn't be there. I downloaded the Sky View Lite app and found out I was actually looking at Mars and Saturn on the Sagittarius constellation. I felt that same feeling when I see "shooting stars" during a meteor shower observation. I felt so happy at that moment. It was a magical way to cap up this wonderful vacation.

I'm very sure this trip left wonderful vacation memories to my niece, and to every one of the family. I hope we could return again next year!

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