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April 03, 2018

We're back with another installment of our weekly new music post! In case you've missed it, I'm starting this post series to catch up with new music from artists I'm interested in/caught my attention.

For the last week of March, here are the songs that caught my ears from the New Music Friday playlists on Spotify:

Digital Farm Animals
I think this is the first time I've heard of these artists, but I think their music is my jam. The catchy soft dance music makes me imagine a chill night in an busy urban city. It's also a perfect soundtrack while driving on a highway at night, with street lights flashing by.

I think because this is a fairly new track, I can't seem to find the lyrics for this. Basing it on the words I could understand, it seems like a breakup song - the guy telling his partner that it's actually good that they have broken up. I like how the tempo moves up a bit near the end of the track, like it emphasizes more the message of the song. This is a good listen while casually strolling or walking early in the morning (just like what's on the album art!).

This band is one of my late discoveries in the indie scene. I still didn't know them when they came here in Manila for a concert. For sure the next time they come for a visit, I'll go see them! Anyway for this track, Lauren Mayberry's vocals backed up the band's signature synths make the song undeniably one of CHVRCHES'. They have an upcoming album to be released this May. Gotta watch out for that!

The legendary boy group (which is actually the reason I got into kpop) is back with another album! It's amazing that the group (even though they are only a duo now) is still alive and kicking after 10+ years after debut!

Reading the lyrics, this song is about love in honeymoon stage, with attraction that one really can't just resist. I'll need to check what their choreography is for this song (expecting some steamy moves 😍)!

Coeli, Clara Benin
Our OPM entry for this week is this track with such relaxing guitar tunes at the intro. When the vocals came in, I knew this is the song to pick for the week. We have a lot of young talents today, and one of them is Coeli (pronounced as 'chΓͺ-li'). I'm wondering why she isn't already a household name. Her voice is so relaxing to listen to! Here's one of her live performance of this track. I already like her. I hope her music reaches more people.

I've placed the New Song Picks playlist at the sidebar, which I will be updating weekly for fresh music discoveries!

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