Lee Seung Gi Fanmeeting in Manila

March 15, 2020

This event happened four months ago, but for fans who attended this event (yep, including me!), the feelings of happiness and excitement will always stay in our hearts.

I have always been "missing in action" in terms of my duties as a KPOPChannelTV correspondent so I was actually a bit surprised that I got this assignment. It's been a long while since I attended a KPOP event (the last one was with Jaejoong in 2017) so this one really got me excited. I was all fangirl mode again!

Per the usual process, I attended as part of media with a photo pass. I gleefully received the media tag from Gia, on behalf of the organizer. I always loved receiving these tags. This is another addition for my growing collection!

Minsei, my contact in KPOPChannelTV, lent me the official DSLR of our website. The photography-enthusiast me was so happy just to hold that camera (because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to buy one lol). It did capture great photos! Although next time, I think I would request to bring the tripod also, as I found it difficult to capture steady videos (I just did the taut strap technique).

Before the event began, I was able to do small talk with some other media peeps who were also covering the event. I saw danilofactor there, one of the concert photographers I follow on Instagram! Unfortunately, the introvert me took over at that moment. But I did DM him on IG after, and he replied! Really, next time (if there would be one!), I will approach him to say hi. 😊

So back to the event... Honestly, I just consider myself as an "average" fan of Lee Seung Gi. Of course, noonas (lol) who have been engaged with the Korean entertainment world for a while now, already know this actor well because he has established himself enough to be a household name in the industry. The earliest drama where I've seen him is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Another drama where I caught him is Gu Family Book. I have always known him as a drama actor that it came as an added treat for me to discover that he also sings (and he's also good at that!). This is why the industry calls me a "triple threat" -- a celebrity that can act, sing, and host very well. 

This fanmeeting is something special. Finally, after decades of waiting, fans in the Philippines get to meet their idol! 😍 I know exactly how that feels because that's how I felt when I finally met Kim Jaejoong. 😍

It's also a delight to see that the fans that were present in the event come from a wide age range. This just shows that Seung Gi's popularity never ceased through the years. I have to highlight the fact that the admins of his official fanclub here in the Philippines are all unnies already. This just means that his fans grew with him as he journeyed with his career in the industry. I could just feel in the venue's atmosphere that they're all so happy to finally see him. There were fans who even cried. I feel them (although luckily I didn't cry with Jaejoong. Meh, I didn't want to look like a mess when I was so near him HAHAHA as if he saw me πŸ˜…). Since it was a fanmeeting, there were lots of interactions with the fans. Some lucky ones got to shake hands with him, hug him, and even stare into his eyes. I laud these girls for holding themselves properly on stage. If it was me, I would melt helplessly after hugging him. 😍

Can I just point out something? Seung Gi is so damn handsome in person! What's with these Korean stars, really?! They already look perfect on photos and videos but my mind just couldn't absorb that they could present themselves even better in person! I think it's their skin.... there's that glow on their skin that the photos and cameras would never capture (exhibit A: Jaejoong, exhibit B: Donghae). 😎🌟

Aside from the fan interactions, Lee Seung Gi also treated us to performances of ballad songs (most of which I was unfamiliar... λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄μš”!). His vocals suit slow songs very well! Talk about perfection. πŸ˜€

He also talked about his ongoing Netflix series at that time, entitled Vagabond. He's in a love team with Suzy yet again! Just by the way he talked about this series and his work in general, I could sense that he really has a good working ethic. He has passion for what he does, and he cares for his fans.

For more details of what transpired during that fanmeeting, check out the article here that I wrote for KPOPChannelTV!

I was so happy and honored to be part of the audience that night. Attending this event made me remember the reason I like KPOP -- it's not just about the craft... it's also about the bond between the artist and the fans that makes these fanmeetings so so special. πŸ’“'Til we see you again, Seung Gi. μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš”!

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