Seoul Trip 2016: Day 4 ~ A Second Time at Nami Island

March 22, 2020

Yes, you are reading it right. Everything that's in this post happened 4 years ago. I have not been doing a good job being up to date with my travel logs. But since I don't have a choice but to stay home because of the ongoing pandemic, I thought of continuing the posts that have still not seen the light of day of this world. 😂

A Second Time at Nami Island 🍂

The Origin of the Morning Walks
I think this was where my habit of having moments of solitude during trips all started -- specifically my appreciation for the peacefulness of morning walks. Because I already realized at this point that I was with company that wakes up late (😂), I thought of not making that a disadvantage for me from experiencing the most out of Seoul and this trip. I really got to like Cheonggyecheon stream when we went there during our first day so I decided to wake up extra early on this day to have a nice morning walk along the stream. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made, and this would later on shape my habits during my travel escapades.

Since it was autumn, the air was chilly. Good thing I had my Columbia fleece jacket with me (not sponsored lol) so I was actually comfortably warm during my walk. Most of the people I met along the stream were workers (I judged them by their outfit) who I assumed were on their way to their offices. The sound of the water rushing along the stream added onto the relaxing effect of the overall atmosphere of the place. I super loved it.

I had Google Maps on my phone so I was actually confident to walk a little further from our hostel. After a while, I returned to the hostel to finally prepare for today's itinerary -- we're going to Nami Island!

I'm that blue dot walking along the Cheonggyecheon
towards our hostel (marked by a )
Nami Adventure Begins 
This was my first time to go to the island during the autumn season (my previous visit was during spring). We followed the same route that me and my sister went through during our previous trip: via the subway and bus.

From the bus, we walked towards this area to buy our tickets to Nami island. From here, we would be getting onto a ferry to the island. It's my first time to get on the ferry, because previously we reached the island via the zipline.

This reads "Namiseom" or Nami Island.
My thesismates having their passports checked.
There's our ferry!
We're aboard! ⛴
After a few minutes, our ferry docked to the island. You can see here the crowd who would ride the ferry in turn.
And I'm back! Hello again Nami Island! 💗

From the entrance, we saw this alleyway (I'm not sure if that's the correct term) decorated with paper leaves the color of autumn. Of course, we took our time to write on one!

Mel writing on one leaf. Hmm I wonder what he wrote on it?
I can't interpret this fully, but it says something like "living a long life". The leaf on the right says "son" and "great"
There's our ahjummas and their matching outfit styles. 😁
I'm appreciating the autumn colors of Nami island. It's so beautiful. I'll have the pictures speak for themselves.

Mel and Rey studying the map of the island.
I HAVE NO IDEA why I was carrying this much. 😅
Everyone wants to snap the best shots!
Rey and a photographer chasing after a black bunny.
"Self-portrait" with an oppa photobomber. 😂
Rey noticed that I always take photos of either trees or the animals, so we had a running joke about me creating  a NatGeo documentary. 😂

We saw this, dunno if it's a debut or a wedding photoshoot (where's the groom?). Kudos to you girl, it's so cold and you are wearing a backless dress!

I love this photo so much. 😍

Of course, we went to this famous photo spot on Nami island. This spot amongst a line of trees is usually the photo that appears on Google search results. We weren't able to recreate the same photo, but we have to make the most out of what we could take, right? This is my second time coming here, and in both instances the trees had no leaves anymore. It's either I arrive too early (in spring) or too late (in autumn). 😅

It's not the photo I imagined myself taking here, but well whatever. 😆
As long as I am happy and I get to enjoy the trip, it's all worth it. 
Thank you to my supportive friends for taking photos of me. 😁

Sooo I have been trying to master the "walking mid-way pose" even back then. 😂
First Biking Experience
I was excited to go back to Nami island now that I know how to bike. Last time, me and my sister just walked around the place because both of us didn't know how to ride a bike. Because of this limitation, we weren't really able to go around. But this time, I took the chance to explore more of this island. I broke away from our pack (both of them didn't want to bike 😞) and went to the bike rental shop. I was so tensed because I was new to biking. It didn't help that there were a lot of people walking so I had to slow down and swerve amongst them. Once I left the pedestrian terrain, I felt more relaxed. I actually biked amongst the trees. Now I had to avoid the trees, which increased my cortisol (a.k.a. strees hormone) levels again. I also had the DSLR on the basket of the bike so it would have been really be a disaster if I crashed into a tree. Luckily I didn't. I returned the bike unscathed. I just caught up with Rey and Mel on foot again.

So, I continued my photography sprees around the island. 😀

I'd like to be able to smile to my child like this. So heartwarming.

It was beginning to dark by then, so we decided to head back to the port to get onto the ferry.

We passed by this alleyway again, and this time the lights were on already. So beautiful.

I was so happy I got to return again to the island -- it was the same place but I saw it now through a different kind of filter, the autumn colors filter. I also got to see corners that I weren't able to notice before. It's a different kind of experience. My next goal is to see the island in winter.

Bonus: After our adventures in Nami island, we went to this chicken & beer restaurant, named Two Two Fried Chicken, the same one me and my sister dined in. I was able to convince Mel to try some soju, thus that glass shot. 😁

This looks yummy!

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