Movie Review: Crimson Peak

March 29, 2020

I know this is a movie that's been released years ago (2015 to be exact), but I was only able to catch it this weekend -- thanks to the home quarantine mode that we are all set up recently. I watched this movie as my little treat for myself for accomplishing all the errands for that day.

I very well know that I am not the kind of person to get into horror movies (I'm a scaredy-cat, that's why 😹) but I got to realize for some time now that thriller movies are my thing. Crimson Peak is actually one of the movies I downloaded (during the peak of torrenting) as part of my initiative in collecting titles of that genre. Some of the movies that I got to see in that category are Dorian Gray, The CraftPerfume: The Story of a Murderer, and A Cure for Wellness. I realized I am actually comfortable with some level of gore, but absolutely none for ghosts and paranormal stuff.

Well, given that Tom Hiddleston starred in this movie, I wouldn't ask for anything anymore. He's such a hottie here. I loved looking at his gazes and his smiles. His facial features fit well for a victorian era character. I swooned when he took Edith (the protagonist played by Mia Wasikowska) for a dance of waltz. I super loved that scene.

The film also featured such beautiful gothic victorian mansion design, and it strikingly reminded me of the atmosphere in the Ravenhearst arc from the Mystery Case files franchise. The falling trees/snow in the entrance hall was mesmerizing. It would be interesting to have that mansion in a game and you can explore each floors and rooms around.

There were lots of moments that I was hugging my pillow and having my eyes half-closed as I cowered behind my pillow. Well that's what you get with thriller movies right? The suspense is just unsettling. There were ghosts in the mansion, sure, but it was not as scary or disturbing for me. 

I just love the sister. She's so sinister and creepy. I knew something was off about her from the start. Her performance running after Edith with a knife is commendable. In that moment, she's the epitome of a woman who has mentally gone over the edge.

Spoiler alert! Although I didn't like the ending (it was a tragic one 😞), I did enjoy the movie overall. I have been getting obsessed with victorian-era mansions since Locke & Key, and this fascination was pushed further because of this film. Although I know I would never live in a mansion like that (heh it's too creepy no thank you), I would want to visit one for real. And one other takeaway? Tom Hiddleston is hot. I see that now Taylor Swift. 😉💕

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