Seoul Trip 2016: Day 5 ~ Ewha University

March 29, 2020

For our fifth day in Seoul, Rey, Mel, and I have agreed that this would be our "me time" day. That just meant that we were free to do our own stuff individually for the most of the day. We all just arranged to meet at the Lantern Festival that night, which would be held along the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Mel went to the Seoul City Wall while Rey visited the Olympic Park. As for me, I decided to see Ewha University. I couldn't remember anymore how it came to be that I chose this as my destination for this day, although I believe generally, I wanted to go for a stroll around the Hongdae area.

This unique landscape marks the entrance of the campus.
Ewha University is a private women's university in Seoul. It's one of the more prestigious educational institutions of the country. It's open for visitors, and since I have never been into a university in Seoul (well I've been outside Hongik University), I decided why not? Based on photos on internet, the campus boasts of beautiful scenery and architecture.

I went to the tourist office first to check things out. I found the place really classy, like a museum (apparently it is a museum). I got myself a map of the campus wherein it indicated certain areas that were open for visitors/tourists.

    And then, I lingered for a bit at the entrance. It has such unique architecture. I don't have an idea where those numbered side-doors lead to, but for sure they're school business stuff. If I were a student here, I would go here to chill out and read a book.

    What an awkward selfie. 😂
    And so I started to walk towards the campus grounds. It was school day so lots of students were walking around. And oh my gosh, I instantly fell in love with the place. It was so beautiful! 😍

    I love all the autumn colors of the trees! The architecture of the buildings is very unique and eye-catching too. I take pride with my alma mater, University of the Philippines, Diliman, because of how beautiful our campus is. I always loved walking around the acad oval with those huge acacia trees enveloping the skies. Walking through Ewha University reminded me of those moments, and that made me really appreciate the atmosphere of this school. The campus looked so beautiful in autumn, and I could just imagine how the place would look like in the winter. ❆

    I also felt like I was in a kdrama of some sort. Well I wouldn't be surprised if dramas or movies have been shot in this location. I would want to do photo walks here. Every angle would be so beautiful!

      Guided with the visitors map on hand, I tried to locate those points of interest around the campus. Uh, I have news for you: I totally suck at navigating "old school static" maps. My sense of direction was in haywire as I tried to move along the school vicinity (I was so spoon fed by Google Maps, heck I even get lost following that blue dot on the app). Well, I just decided to be extra alert in case a guard shouts at me to get out of a restricted area. Fortunately, I didn't encounter any of my imagined scenarios.

      Amongst the buildings that I saw, this is the one that really caught my eye: The Welch-Ryang Auditorium

      I would have thought this was a church, highly because of the cross, but I noticed most of the buildings I saw here have the cross inscribed on the buildings. Maybe because they were dominican architecture inspired? Well one thing's for sure -- I was super drawn to it. It had such victorian era vibes, and those roots with the red leaves are my favorite aesthetic.

      The mandatory tourist selfie shot
      Take note: I visited this in 2016. Fast forward to 3 years later, this would be the shooting location of one episode of  Love Alarm, a Netflix Korean drama series (curiously, they edited out the cross from the building for the scene).

      It was such a nice place to visit! I wish I could have stayed longer to discover the other places in the campus. Well I was still in for a lot of walking around the streets of Hongdae. Stay tuned for the next post! 😁

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