KDrama Review: The King: Eternal Monarch (Episode 16 - FINALE)

June 20, 2020

I'm trying out something new for this one, I'm doing the review on a podcast episode! For the longest time I've been daydreaming of actually starting a podcast, just to try another medium of publishing content. I thought it would be a great avenue for me to practice my speaking skills. 

And so after hours and hours of recording and editing, here is my first podcast episode!

I have to say, producing a podcast is a whole new arena in terms of content writing, editing, and publishing. It took hours to record, and even longer hours to edit. Really, editing is key. The way I talk in the podcast is somehow the manner I want to convey my thoughts in real time -- no pauses and fillers. 😂 Heaven knows how many fillers of uuh and pauses I had to edit out just to make it the way it is. This just reminded me of a TwoSetViolin video about the magic of editing. ✨

One catch however with editing audio recording is that I cannot correct grammar errors that I have done. I noticed that my weak areas are gender pronouns and prepositions. 😅 Also, I had some errors and interchanged Kang Hyeong Nim's and Kang Shin Jae's names. Oh well.

I really enjoyed creating this podcast! I'm still not sure if there would be another episode, but let's see. 👀

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