Toastmasters Notes: Session Learnings

November 07, 2021

My outlook in life has changed dramatically ever since I joined Toastmasters this year. Aside from having this opportunity of meeting amazing people (albeit online only), I got to also do some work with myself in terms of improving my public speaking skills, allowing myself to become vulnerable to other people as I tell my story to them. Every session that I attend with my home club was like therapy -- I really get to learn a lot from my interactions with these amazing people. 

So as a way of reminding myself of these timeless lessons that I learn from them, I am collating them all here in this post, and this will be updated with new ones as I attend more sessions moving forward. This is so that I have easy access in case I need some reminding (πŸ˜…) and also this is my way of sending these messages out to the world for the benefit of others too. Enjoy reading!

[UPDATE: I have decided to just create new posts in case I would like to note additional learnings from our Toastmasters sessions, just to have a sense of chronology in my posts. πŸ™‚]

  • It's a life-changing experience to become a parent. Imagine having another life that solely depends on you? As your children grow, always see to it that you have a presence in their life. Bond with them and spend time with them. Work and other stuff should not be prioritized over spending time with your children. We can make more money, but we cannot make any more time. So as much as you can, prioritize your children over anything else. I am still not a parent, and I would like to be one someday. But for me now, this applies to spending time with my family. And it's true, life in this world is fleeting, and time spent will never come back. So we need to choose wisely with whom we spend it.
  • We grow as we face our greatest fears head on.
  • In life, we juggle lots of balls. Some balls are made of rubber. Some balls are made of glass. When the time comes that we feel tired or overwhelmed with the numerous balls we are juggling around, we need to choose which balls we need to carefully focus on. Which ones can we give up? If the rubber balls fall, they'll bounce back. If the glass balls fall, they will crack and can never be fixed forever. 
  • In public speaking, avoid acknowledging something that you don't know. It diminishes your authority with your audience. Instead, tell them that you are in the process of getting to know how to do it or you are finding a way or are currently in the process of learning how it's done.
  • In making presentations, remember that your slides should supplement, not distract from what you are saying as the speaker.

Meeting 101: Camping Under the Stars
  • Give at least one speech every month to sustain your momentum in being active with Toastmasters.
  • Know our why's.
  • Be the influencer in our inner circles.
  • Get out of the box that other people have placed you into.
  • “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” - Dumbledore
  • Let's do things one day at a time.
  • Make goals that will make you happy

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