Sakuraco Box August 2021: Explore Okinawa

November 06, 2021

We have finally arrived at my last Sakuraco box for my current subscription. 😒 I must say it's been a wonderful experience indulging and munching on each box's snack because each item was unique. Even before the box arrived on my doorstep, I already had an overview of the snacks through their website. I must say this marketing strategy really worked because already-subscribers like me are also hyped up on our upcoming box when the details are revealed on the website.

Up to the last box, Sakuraco didn't fail to delight me. Here are the contents of the August box, which has the theme: Explore Okinawa.

Is it obvious that I had fun unboxing this month's snack box? 🀣

For the full list of goodies, here's the link to their website.

I sure loved those Brown Sugar Shisa Candies. It was the perfect munchies if you wanted some sweets after a nice lunch. Another favorite was the Sata Andagi Beni Imo Doughnuts. They were moist and tasty!

Mini Salted Tofu Chips was also a favorite.

The Snow Salt Chinsuko was one of the tastiest biscuits
I've had among the snackboxes I have tried. I wanted more of these!

This is their Issa Senbei. I was not that of a fan.
The seaweed flavor was too strong for me.

Beni Imo Tart
The sweet potato flavor is a timeless taste. I also loved this one.

Brown Sugar Manju
I guess because the majority of the treats in this box was of brown sugar delicacies,
I wasn't really able to appreciate the flavor of this one.
But it's obvious that they used a special kind of brown sugar for this. 😁

Yuzu Monaka
This had such a fruity and refreshing taste.
The citrus feeling definitely gave that kind of vibe.

Of course there are more snacks in the box that I wasn't able to include here. It was likely because during that time I was stress eating, so I wasn't able to intentionally appreciate tasting some of the  snacks. 😒

But hey, what a journey it was experiencing Sakuraco boxes for the months of June, July, and August! I'm really happy I allowed myself to experience tasting these wonderful Japanese snacks. πŸ₯°

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