Iloilo Trip 2020: Day 3 ~ Chill Day Around the Resort

November 30, 2021

This day of our trip is a "free day", meaning we didn't have any tours or appointments for the whole day. We planned to just chill and roam around the resort for the rest of the day. All of us being introverts, this was a perfect set up for all of us. 😁

Of course we kicked off the day with a good breakfast. The morning buffet in resorts was always something I looked forward to every time I travel. I don't know, there's something about bacon, egg omelette, fried rice, and good coffee that always appeals to me. ☕

While getting my food from the buffet, I distinctly remember some guests greeting me good morning. This was kinda weird for me, or maybe I'm just not used to being around friendly people. πŸ˜‚ When I told this to my friends, Krishan told me maybe it was because of my sosyal black dress HAHAHA.

After that scrumptious breakfast, we decided to stroll along the shore. We met some of the local children who were collecting shells.

We (or mostly excluding myself LOL) tried to converse with them. They told us they would be cooking those shells for food. It kind of struck me with this reality of life -- there we were as hotel guests enjoying unlimited food for breakfast, while a few steps away, these children were scraping the shores for something to eat.

Walking back to our cabin.

I believe we dipped into the pool after this (hehe this is the disadvantage of not blogging my travels while the memories are still fresh πŸ˜…) because based on my journal for that day, I wrote that I learned how to dive. 🏊‍♀️

For lunch, since the food in the resort was a bit pricey, we decided to expand our options. Per the recommendation of our tricycle tour guide yesterday, we visited a nearby restaurant outside the resort.

The gang hopping into our golf cart to the resort's entrance

Then we rode the tricycle to our lunch site!

We were only the customers during that time. So we took the opportunity to take photos of their colorful restaurant.

Of course we placed our orders first.

I don't really know how to pose. HAHAHA.

We ordered some shrimp, fried scallops, and crab (and that soup that was a version of sinigang I believe). Seafood in the province will always be the best because it's fresh!

We ate to our heart's content. I believe this was one of the lunches that I enjoyed the most!

This is me and Krishan at the back of the tricycle (because Hazel and I can't be on the same seat... 🀣). This shot was a bit risky because I was holding out my phone while the tricycle was moving. But it was worth the shot. Just look at our smiles! 😁

Before we headed back to the resort, we went by a sari-sari store to grab some snacks, because we were planning to watch a movie in our room that afternoon.

Group photo at the resort entrance

The bonfire setup. There wasn't one last night because it was drizzling. Maybe tonight will be our lucky night?

Back in our cabin, we prepared our movie setup. We were going to watch Parasite. I was the only one who had watched it already in the group, and I was excited about what their reactions would be to the dark twists of the story. Initially we had issues playing the movie. Finally, we made it work using Hazel's laptop. It was funny because throughout the trip, I was scolding her because she bought her work laptop when we were on vacation. It turned out this was the purpose of the laptop -- to be the medium for the Parasite movie viewing. πŸ˜…

It was so entertaining hearing their reactions and side comments while they watched the movie. After it finished, we had a brief post-movie discussion. And that's when I realized how smart my friends are. They had interesting insights about it. They even caught the subliminal messages in some scenes. 😎

For dinner, we headed back to the dining hall to eat. It was another bounty feast (with some drinks involved 🍸).

When we got back to our cabin, we saw that the bonfire was lit! We spent some time around the bonfire and exchanged stories (and also sang some songs).

We were the only group around the bonfire, which we really enjoyed because we were free to talk about anything.

Around the fire.

The sky was clear that night and it was a joy seeing the stars.

And that's how we spent our day at the resort! We were really in vacation mode because we were just relaxed and chill the whole day! It was our last day at the resort the next day, and we're scheduled to travel back to Ilo-ilo city! Stay tuned for more of my posts for this trip! ♥

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