Solo in Tokyo (Day 7): Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory

November 30, 2021

Watching Simon and Martina's vlogs (via their Eatyourkimchi YouTube channel) really influenced the places I have come to visit during my Seoul escapade around 5 years ago (even visited the You Are Here cafe). Well, this next spot was also a result of their impact on me. Introducing-- Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory!

My plan to explore Kichijoji had been greatly influenced by me watching their videos in Tokyo, because they really advocated for that area, saying that it's the best spot in all of Tokyo. Since it was within the Ghibli museum area (which I also visited), that's where I planned to spend the rest of the day.

After doing a quick trip to the Inokashira Park Zoo, I followed Google Maps to Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory, which was featured in the Eatyourkimchi channel!

Martina, in front of the Cream Puff store

The shop was very easy to spot. There is a huge orange Totoro standee in front of the store. So in case, Google Maps still got you lost, well you just need to spot Totoro himself!

The store is just small, but they have a variety of Totoro merch for sale.

Because I was still in a Ghibli-high, it was just apt to continue this happiness with buying some Totoro cream puffs. They're just too gorgeous to eat! 😍

I bought 3 of them! I cannot remember the flavors anymore, but thanks to their head accessory, I can cross-reference that with the menu. So I got the strawberry (🌸), matcha (yellow hat), and chocolate (blue hat). I had to wait until I got back to the hotel to eat them! 

This is the strawberry-flavored one. 🍓

The box comes with a Totoro sticker. I'm glad they don't stick it on the box because this is a collectible!

I decided to stick it on my cabinet, so I will always see it and give me good vibes. 😁

I also bought some cookies, of which I gave away to my friends at the office. Of course I also tried one, and they were so good! 😭

The Rest of the Day
As planned I spent the rest of the day around Kichijoji. I just  went sight-seeing and walked towards the direction of the nearest train station. I always loved strolling in new places (which I also did in Hongdae, Seoul). I actually saw a yakitori place with lots of locals on my way to the cream puff store (even saw one foreigner taking photos) so I knew it was a good place. But I was getting tired already (huhu) that's why I wasn't able to stop to check it out. I tried to locate what place that was on the maps after, but failed (because the shop name was in Japanese 😓) Although I got the chance to drop by another recommendation from Simon and Martina, Satou Steak House, wherein I basically went in line to buy some hot and juicy meatballs (that smelled so good but I had to wait again to eat them upon arriving at the hotel). That great travel tip still holds true: if there's a line in front of a store/restaurant, join them! Because you are surely up for something really good! 

It was alright. It was very juicy and tasty (okay I'm getting hungry now)

Another one inside the bag.

Since I was already too tired from all the activities that day, I just stayed inside the hotel straight from Kichijoji and ate some kombini goodies that I bought the previous days. 

It was a very tiring day because I walked a lot! Now I'm down to my last whole day before the trip ends! Stay tuned for my next posts! 😊💗

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