Music Review: Aiur by Mickosis feat. Mark Holcomb (Periphery)

November 24, 2021

What an experience it was, to have witnessed an art being born.

This is how my thoughts will always be, with regards to this track, titled Aiur by the progressive rock artist Mickosis. Also known as Mico to us his colleagues, this multi-talented person allowed us to enter his creative process in the making of this one-of-a-kind artform.

I admit that I enjoyed the process of listening to the demos more than I would admit to anyone. As a fan of Song Exploder (firstly of the podcast, then the Netflix series), I always had the fascination of learning the behind-the-scenes process of making a song. Mico gave us a chance to see his art in its pre-final form (which is a very vulnerable process for artists, I learned), and even shared ideas as soon as they came to him. Listening to Aiur, the officially released one, was such a special experience. It was like seeing a place you know very well in a brand new light.

Instrumental progressive rock music will always be a foreign genre for me. But I guess it's a new approach to interpreting a song, and it's just based on how the melodies were making me feel. It just makes the experience even more personal. And just how the ocean waves splashes at the 1:49 mark, the rush of feelings doesn't crash the same way in each listen. Every time I go back and really sit down and listen to it, I realize I discover something new through the layers, like a new sound that I haven't noticed before.

The transitions from the guitar to the ambient piano take me to a journey, like a story embedded within the song. And the meaning changes for me every time. This is what I love most with Mico's music. It's always a treat to re-listen because it gives me a different feeling with each listen. 🎧🎢

I  am captivated by this track. It will always have a spot on a special playlist that I will listen to whenever I'm in a peaceful-kind-of-solitude mood. 🌊

~ o ~
Bonus content: I had the chance to really know more about Mico's journey as an artist, and it's inspiring as ever. Check out a snippet of my interview with him here. 😁 I planned to really lay out all the learnings he shared during the original one-hour conversation, but life keeps on happening. LOL. So there's the link, as my effort of saving some of those nuggets of wisdom from being buried in the backburner, forever. πŸ˜…

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