Starbucks Planner 2022

November 04, 2021

Taking in one day at a time has helped me to cope in the past two years. I have been into journaling even pre-pandemic, but I poured myself deeper into the habit ever since I started working from home full-time. And I now know the benefits of journaling: it's a form of self-care that I know I will carry on for the rest of my life.

Beautiful journals have become my weakness. And so when I saw the Starbucks Planners for this year, I was at awe because the Starbucks team really never fails to bring out something interesting about their planners. 

Here are the beauties: the planners come in black and white. Both are beautiful - just like the ebonies and ivories of a piano. 🎹😍 I'm not a loyal fan of SB planners but usually it's easy to collect stickers in the office especially if you have colleagues who are caffeine-lovers also. I still don't know how I will complete the stickers for these lovely planners this time. 🀣

I just had to post about these lovely journals. And they also come with pouches, tumbler or mug, depending on your set of choice. For more information visit the Starbucks Official Site. ☕

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