Cutting Down The Bad Cholesterol [❦ ~ #3]

September 15, 2013

Weeks ago, a pharmaceutical-sponsored event held a health screening in our company. Because I was becoming health conscious (well more on body conscious xD), I decided to participate. People from there measured my fasting blood sugar and cholesterol level upon dropping some of my blood sample on some kind of digital instrument. I was surprised that I am almost at the boundary of the normal measurement. And I am only 23.

They gave me free samples of some of the meds that they have for lowering down the statistics. They also included some discount coupons of a drugstore. Skeptical that I am because it was a sponsored event, I repeated the test in a diagnostic laboratory. Still, the numbers alerted me.

my medical results

I decided to continue with the meds. 

It is already a given that I am turning obese already. My BMI shows it. I can no longer have the argument that I am tall anyway. So, as early as now, I am doing things to prevent health problems in the future. The risk for me is also higher because both sides of my family are prone to heart-related ailments.

Prevention > Cure
Doing my research, here are some of the ways that I will be doing to lower down my body's cholesterol level:

1. Lose weight. I'm already into this via my new routines, even before I underwent the test at the office. Maybe my subconscious already knew what was coming.

2. I have to do the following:
Avoid- saturated fat- meat- coffee
Consume- fish (also sardines and tuna!)- fruits and vegetables- oatmeals- water- green tea

3. Take the prescribed medications. 
[UPDATE 09/18/13]
I talked to one of my colleagues regarding this matter. He gave me one good advice - discontinue taking the medicine. I am still young and though my body is at risk of high cholesterol, it can still manage it. Plus, taking in medicines would affect my liver in the long run. So now, I just have to focus on reprogramming my lifestyle to be a healthy and active one. :)

The deal here is three months, then I would take another round of tests to check for improvements. I hope the results by then would be better.

This just shows that not because you are young, you don't have to worry just yet with these kinds of problems. With the kind of lifestyle that most of us have today (lack of exercise, fast food diet), we are more prone to diseases than ever. It would be good practice to check with the doctor every now and then.

Let's be healthy and live a good lifestyle. :D


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