Surprises and Blessings [❁]

September 08, 2013

It's been one hell of a week. Several new things have happened for the last five days of which I am very grateful for. Most of them were pleasant surprises while some were a bit disappointing. I know these events would change how things would flow for the months to come so I am gladly reiterating some of them here.

Discovery of a Fellow Fangirl
It's been a while since I started working for a new company and since the beginning, I was looking for a common ground with all the new faces that I'm mingling with. So far, all of them were very kind and very accommodating to a newcomer like me, but there would always be something missing when you really can't connect with them. But not until I met our new teammate.

She started to report to work this week. The first few encounters were a bit awkward because heaven knows how I am with strangers and new people. However, things changed when I saw the desk calendars placed on her table. Within seconds upon seeing them, I knew those faces were from the kpop scene. I immediately blurted "Hey from which kpop group are those?" And that's how it started.

She's a hardcore fan of Super Junior and of course she will be coming to the group's upcoming concert in the country on October. She's full of energy when talking about her fangirling escapades. I was glad I knew enough kpop and kdrama stuff to relate to her. I am so happy I got to meet a fangirl (finally!) at the office. :D

Meeting my Actual Boss
It was also in this week when my boss returned back to work from a several-month leave. It was an intimidating thought to finally face my superior. It turned out that she was a actually a kind and gentle-natured lady. She has this note of strictness in her aura but it just follows since she's the boss. 

I also was able to attend to my first status meeting with the team. I was the only new member in it and hearing each person's task load kind of intimidated me. So my current workload is just the tip of the iceberg of the real challenge that is yet to come. For the past several weeks, I was feeling complacent that I can actually conquer my work because it was a lot easier compared to my previous one. I even had this feeling that I wanted to go back to my first job because it was more accomplishing for me. But now, after attending that meeting, I realized I might be needing to exert a lot more effort for my work in the future, which is not really a bad thing for me though I get easily intimidated with challenges. I know this is a big one for me, but I know also that conquering the odds will make me a better and stronger person. So life, bring it on!

Sharing the Blessings
I felt like life favored over me. All I can say is that I was thankful because it came during the perfect timing. I was able to benefit not just myself, but also the people closest to me. I felt both thankful and burdened at the same time. As Spiderman said, with great power, comes great responsibility. It would be more challenging for me for the next months because the time has finally come to fulfill my tasks. :D

I know I am blabbing about a lot of stuff in here but for my sake, I am leaving the details vague. I am just glad I have the blog as an outlet for expressing my deepest thoughts. :D

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