JYJ to visit the Philippines for the Asian Games Centennial Festival [★]

September 04, 2013

Please note that this event has been postponed.


I was literally catching my breath because my lungs were out of air already when I read about this tidbit. I have first known this via a tweet of a fellow JYJ fan. At first I was skeptical (because God knows how many rumors like this have existed and have been debunked, causing only false hopes to us fans T^T) but a day after, my sister, while wailing loudly, showed me this web page:

Read full article here

IT'S OFFICIAL!! JYJ will be coming here in the Philippines in November!! 


There is no particular date just yet. Their schedule in the C-JeS page says that the Asian Games Centennial Festival will be held in the country within the last week of November. I haven't fully recovered from the shock of receiving this great news so I can't think properly yet if I should really fly to Boracay for the hope of seeing them. But me and fellow JYJ fans have been excitedly discussing about the possibility of booking a flight to the Visayan island. Besides, I haven't been there so even if the worst scenario happens that I don't get a glimpse of the boys, I'd just go ahead and enjoy myself on the beach.

I really hope they update on the date ASAP, so that I could weigh my options if I could really go and try my luck in seeing them in the flesh (wearing board shorts and hugging some coconut trees, perhaps). :D

[UPDATE (09/09/13)] Dates of the Event have been released!

Dates have finally been announced in the Asian Games site. As summarized by jyjphilippines.org:

We now know the dates of the AGCEF activities here. Now we have to stay tuned which of these three dates is the day when the boys will perform (if they will), and also if the event itself would be open to the public. 

[UPDATE (09/11/13)] - Time and place of the festival: November 28, 7PM at the Boracay Terraces Hotel Beach Front

Another update has been posted in the jyjphilippines site:

Still, questions about the event being public or not is still unanswered. Let's wait for further announcements.

[UPDATE (09/21/13)] CONFIRMED - JYJ WILL PERFORM AT THE FESTIVAL ON THE 28TH OF NOVEMBER! (source: Olympic Council of Asia's website)

Here are some new updates for the AGCEF activities in Boracay:

On the official site of the Olympic Council of Asia, an article was published stating that JYJ will indeed perform in the Asian Games festivities in Boracay!

Read the full story here.

The article said:

JYJ will perform “Only One” at the promotional roadshows of IAGOC, to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on October 24 and in Guangzhou, China, on November 21.  They will also perform at the Asian Games Centennial Festival in Boracay, the Philippines, on November 28.

So I guess by this time we can already say that it is confirmed already, since OCASIA itself stated this on their site. *crossing fingers*.

Also, looking at the schedule of events of the site, this is what they have posted.

They indicated Boracay only in the venue of the festival. This gave me great hopes that this would be an outdoor event. One of my greatest worries here is that the ceremonial activities where JYJ will perfom would be held also in Shangrila Hotel too, and would be exclusive for participants and guests of the event. I don't want to hope that much (even though I really can't help it! x( ). As I've said, even if I don't get to see them, I might as well just enjoy the beach because hey this is Boracay! Wohoo!

Strangely however, I haven't heard on our local affiliates yet about this news. I'm still waiting for JYJ Philippines ,in particular, to publish news about this for the knowledge of their fans here in the Philippines. (UPDATE: They already did. Thank you for crediting me!)

On a side note, just a few days ago, The official video for JYJ's track for the Asian Games entitled 'Only One' has been released. And guess what, there are four Filipinos who starred in the video! This might be just pure coincidence, though I am very happy to see my fellowmen participate in a music video with JYJ! :D

Read the full article here.

[UPDATE (09/27/13)] Always keep the faith.
The news about the event being an exclusive one has been circulating all over the web for the past days. I have come to know things about the event so the outbreak of this information kind of surprised me. I don't know why but I really feel something is wrong. Anyway, I'll just wait for updates (from official sources) about this matter.

[UPDATE (10/05/13)] Only One. :)
I have decided to wait for the right time to say some things so if you have solid plans to go to the event, you may check out this page to get further information about the things to happen. :D

Since there's still a couple of weeks to go before the much-awaited event, I was inspired to create this cover of JYJ's Only One song. :D

[UPDATE (10/27/13)] Music Festival will be aired on TV.
I know this might be old news for some of you, but googling through the internet, I have discovered news articles that say a certain cable channel Ten Sports has been awarded broadcasting rights for major Asian Games activities this year and next year.

Read full article here.

The article stated:

The package of rights picked up by the broadcaster also includes four other Asian Olympic events - this year's Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games, the Asian Youth Games, next year's Asian Beach Games in Phuket and the Asian Games Centennial Festival later this year in the Philippines.

Better sign up a subscription to Ten Sports now then. :D (though I'm not sure if this is catered by local cable companies). 

On a side note,

To tease fellow Cassies about the much-awaited event this November, you may want to read on this article

The Centennial Festival is a promotional activity for the Asian Games next year in Incheon. JYJ was chosen as ambassadors because the organizers believed they have the power to get the attention of people all over Asia. Just read between the lines folks. ;)

Centennial Festival was in danger of being cancelled because of lack of funds from local government.
When I first heard rumors about this, it almost gave me a heart attack. But thankfully, the authorites created ways to prevent this from happening.

 [published Oct. 25, 2013] Last week, Cojuangco [Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president] expressed fears that he might be compelled to scrap the event owing to financial trouble but a House bill resolution was passed recently, urging the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, Philippine Sports Commission and the Departments of Tourism and Trade and Industry to lend a helping hand.

I'm just glad everything is settled now. No worries everyone, the event is still pushing through this November!

[UPDATE (10/30/13)] JYJ Fanbase in PH works with AGCEF organizers, asks fans to respect the boys and the event
I am so happy to see movement from the fandom for this event next month. Fellow fans and the admins of jyjph.org have met with the people who are spearheading the AGCEF festivities offering their proposed projects for JYJ in the event.

Read the full article here.

For all who are reading this and are going to Boracay for the event, as the JYJPH admins have stated themselves, please understand that the Music Gala, where JYJ is performing, is a formal event. It is not a KPOP concert. I know we are all excited to see the boys, but please avoid too much screaming during the performance (I am talking to myself also) and just enjoy the show. Also avoid stalking them around the island. We know what they think about stalker fans. Let's show them that Filipino fans are different, and that we can respect them as people with private lives also.

I hope AGCEF organizers could grant those proposed projects (whatever it might be xD) by the JYJPH admins. This news got me all the more excited for the event! ♥(ノ´∀`)


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