Sound Bites: XIA (준수) - Incredible [☝]

September 10, 2013

One-third of JYJ and formerly one-fifth of TVXQ, Xia Junsu has now been active as a solo artist in the pop and in the musical scene. Incredible, his second solo album which was released on July 2013, proves that Junsu can cover a wide range of music genre as he ventures this time to the waves of RnB beats.

Track: Incredible
Artist: XIA (준수)
Album: Incredible

The album's self-titled single, Incredible, has energetic beats that will make you dance in no time. This is a new style that we see Junsu performing, though we can still feel the subtle presence of his influence with the bass and beats in it that has been present in his other solo works in the past like My Page, XiahticMission. The song also features Quincy, a rising American rapper and the son of the famous Puff Daddy.

I admit, I had to be "used to" the song before finally beginning to like it. Also honestly, it's MV did nothing to make this track more appealing. What made me love this song is the powerful dance that went with it. 

As expected with Junsu, he performs the dance routines with such perfection and flawlessness. I recall his powerful moves whenever I hear the song in my player. Also, it's nice to hear him improve singing in English. :D

Most of his songs in this album is a fresh turn from his usual style. Some went well, though some backlashed negatively (at least in my opinion). Still, it's his music and this is something to be celebrated by all of his fans. :D

If you are a fan from the Philippines (or in any case in any part in the world) and you want to see Junsu perform in the country, please do sign up on this campaign page (by  so that C-JeS would include the Philippines in his Incredible Tour. It will mean a LOT to us Filipino fans if this becomes a reality. Thank you!


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