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September 11, 2013

Remember in high school when your teachers would organize an activity wherein you would write letters and then bury it somewhere in the school grounds, to be opened ten years later? Well for me, I didn't actually experience this when I was in school but I usually see this in movies so I guess somewhere this is really done. They call it creating a time capsule. Students usually write about their dreams and how they see themselves into the future. Some movies portray people who actually get to go back to the place where the time capsule was buried and then read their letter for themselves. Some feel happy, sad, or teary-eyed after reading the content. Knowing the insight of your ten-years-younger self somehow would make anyone feel nostalgic and realize how everything has changed during the years.

The wonder of these time capsule letters can now be done online via a website called Actually, the architecture behind this site is very simple - scheduled letters are saved by the site to be sent on a date in the future.

Send messages to your future self.

Whoever thought of making this website is a genius. With the rise of technology today, using physical letters are already a scarcity and utilizing the web as the time capsule makes this accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

Creating a time-capsuled letter in this site is very straightforward:

1. Compose your message.
2. Indicate the email address where it will be sent.
3. Select a date in the future when the letter would be emailed (the date can range from a few months to a decade!).
4. Hit SEND!

You can also send future emails to other people by registering to the site.

It's nice that the site also offers options for it's users to make their letters public (hiding their identity of course). You can read other people's dreams and aspirations and the encouraging words that they wrote for their future selves. Upon reading some of them, I felt like an invisible bond is shared by these people because we all have this subconscious fear of the unknown. Let's face it, no one knows what will happen in the future and all we can do is hope for the best.

I've already sent one for myself and another for my best friend. Maybe I'll forget that I did this sooner or later. I would one day just be surprised to see in my inbox a letter that came actually from the past. :)

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