Piano Sunday - Adele, Larue, and Random Tracks [♬ ~ #10]

September 29, 2013

It was a Sunday, and I was inspired. I just had this good feeling that I started to play the piano for almost the whole day. And here are the results I have by the end of the day.

I originally created a piano version of this song for a friend to be used for her vocals cover. However it's been months and she haven't used it. So I guess I'd just use it to create one of my own. xD
By the way, I'll never attempt to cover an Adele song again. xD 

I love this song very much. I have always wanted to create a cover of this on the piano but I always got lost with the latter parts (I'm stuck in the intro xD). So I decided to play around the melody, input some of my piano voices, and create this short track. :)

I really enjoyed creating these tracks today. The only bad thing that happened is that I was not able to finish most of my weekend tasks. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

[UPDATE] - I've been cleaning up my soundcloud account so I deleted some of the tracks that I have posted here before. :)

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