Food Trips: KPub BBQ Meat-All-You-Can [☝]

September 21, 2013

I've been to a lot of Korean restaurants already, and most of them I have covered in the blog (Ara, Matgalne, and Woori-gohyang). By far, this k-restaurant that I am going to review today is the grandest one. I am talking about KPub BBQ restaurant located at The Fort.

The whole team at the office decided to avail of their 'Beat The Clock, Eat and Run' promo. This includes an unlimited servings of several kinds of meat plus unlimited side dishes and condiments for 2 hours.

three sauces served at kpub

Meat All-You-Can
The promo says the meat-all-you-can offer includes:
Ssam gyup sal (pork belly)
Dae pae ssam gyup sal (thinly sliced pork belly)
Yangnyum samkyupsal (sweet n'spicy pork belly)
Daeji kalbi (tender pork marinated in soy and garlic)
Dak bulgogi (marinated chicken fillets)
Dak kalbi (sweet and spicy chicken fillets)
Chadolbaki (beef sukiyaki)
True enough, we had an overload of the meat servings. The meat cuts are just right. My favorite is the thin slices of bacon. *yum*

our meat sizzling over the grill

KPOP Themed
This place is heaven to me! When we first entered, Falling In Love of 2NE1 was playing on their full HD widescreen display! My feeeeels!

I just had to keep my spazzing all to myself because (sadly) I don't have fellow kpop lovers in the team to share with my overflowing happiness. Plus, I don't want to look like an exaggerated and obsessed fangirl to them so I kept my squeals and screams to a minimum. My colleagues knew that I am into this stuff though. They sometimes asked me what group was currently playing on the screen. When 2NE1's MV played again, they noticed Sandara (every Filipino knows her of course!). They were really amazed of her transformation as a kpop idol today. Also when SNSD's I Got A Boy was playing, I noticed this one guy colleague of mine who was on a daze while looking up on the screen for several seconds while he was holding his spoon half-way to his mouth. I couldn't stop myself from giggling. xD

Every corner of the place has a huge poster of a kpop group. I saw posters of 2NE1, Super Junior, Jaejoong, and TVXQ. They play music videos in loop in their widescreen. During my stay, I was able to see 2NE1, 2PM, SNSD, Kara, Sistar, Spica, Lee Hyori, Jay Park, BAP, and 4Minute MVs (too bad they didn't show any JYJ or TVXQ x( ).

I was actually searching for the signed CNBlue poster inside the pub, but I was unable to find it. I think it's located on the second floor. (This is the resto where CNBlue ate after their concert here).

KPub also has a mini merchandise shop at the front of the resto where they sell various albums and other items. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a look at the shop (again, I don't want to be this OA fangirl). I hope I could return to the store, with a fellow kpop enthusiast with me, so I that I can spazz all I want with the stuff in there.

This resto, amidst its kpop theme, also caters Filipino talent. They have schedules of live band performances such as Side A and Freestyle.

The layout of the restaurant as a whole is very unique too. I like their violet-black theme and the octagon shapes in the ceiling.

After the two hours time limit, I was so full already. We thought the time would fall short, but it was more than enough to satisfy our hunger. After our bountiful meal, the crew gave us shikhye (sweet rice punch) as dessert.

It was a nice dine altogether. The food was great and the place was perfect. I look forward to my next visit again! :)



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