Before You Exit: Live in Manila [★]

March 23, 2017

As usual, I was not able to resist the temptation of seeing my favorite artists perform live. This time, the spotlight is on the Orlando-based pop rock trio, Before You Exit.

Aaaah, that familiar sight of a stage and playful lights...
giving me that feeling that I'm about to have a night full of music and fun!

Another concert I impulsively bought tickets to.
Similar to some of the concerts that I have attended in the past (i.e. that of ONE OK ROCK), I knew nothing about this artist until I've learned about their concert here. The Game changer? Their song When I'm Gone. That song has been in my Spotify playlist for months now and I was amazed with the coincidence that the band who sang that would be visiting the country.

Following my motto 'Concerts: it's now or never', I bought my tickets for Before You Exit's show! This is my second lone concert (first one was with The 1975), and my first gig at the Kia Theatre. Aside from seeing the artist, I was looking forward to check out this concert venue as well.

Young artist = Young Crowd
I should not have been surprised that the crowd that night was pretty young - mostly girls also. Well the members of BYE (they're siblings by the way) are just in their early twenties. It's the same experience I had during the concert with The 1975 (I feel old now huhu 😭).

I think the band has already visit the country for a couple of times now, but based on the audience headcount that night, it looks like they are still not that well-known in the music scene here. All ticket holders were admitted to the VIP section. I was thrilled because I was near the stage!

And the show began!

The night started with them singing, well what else, my favorite song When I'm Gone. I was really happy the venue was small, I could see their faces clearly without having to look at the monitor of my super zoomed camera!

Before You Exit Manila Setlist
February 24, 2017 | Kia Theater
When I'm Gone
Other Kids
Settle For Less
Three Perfect Days
Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran cover)
I Won't Stop
Don't Wanna Know (Maroon 5 cover)
I Like That

I liked their voices on tape, and they didn't disappoint performing the songs live. They are much like The Moffatts, a band composed of singer siblings too.

They are also all very good-looking! 😍

Fans used pen lights (not sure what you call them) during the show. I have one too, but I forgot to bring it with me.

I noticed on the photos I took during the concert that the Mcdonough brothers (especially Riley and Connor) have such intense facial expressions while on stage. They were really energetic that night and were always on smiles to the fans.

There was one part in the show where Toby had a towel with him which he used to wipe his face. The crowed cheered him on, so he wiped Riley's face next and then Connor's last. At this point the crowd was going wild. Teasing at first, Toby finally threw the precious towel to the excited fans. The person who got that must have been very happy that night!

Since it was all standing area, it was already a given that most cameras will be up in the air, and that would be one the challenges I needed to face when taking photos.

But iPads... that's a different case. Some people really don't know basic concert etiquette. Seriously, you're taking a photo of the stage using your huge iPad, raising it in the air like a placard? Do you not realize you are blocking the view of everyone behind you? sigh 😦

And to even top that, someone actually used a DSLR mounted on a monopod to take photos (or even videos maybe)!
A DSLR on a monopod. Seriously?
Oh well. Good thing I was still able to capture some good photos of them on stage. :D

I had good photos mostly of Riley, just because he was the singer on the center of the stage, which is the best lighted spot.

Fans shouted with glee when Riley took off his jacket. Who wouldn't? 😁

The guy has muscles!

Before You Exit performed a tribute for Christina Grimme, a The Voice finalist who performed her last stage with the band before she got shot after their show in Orlando early 2016.

Tribute for Christina. May she rest in peace.
Clouds is a song they wrote for Christina. I just wished they performed it live during the show though (they just played the audio while the lights dimmed).

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the show! I felt like the boys also did, as they repeatedly thanked their fans for coming to their concert tonight.

Great show Toby, Riley, and Connor! See you again on your next show here in Manila! 😁

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