CA Trip 2015 (#4): Across the Golden Gate Bridge

March 25, 2017

Who in the world wouldn't recognize this red bridge? For sure you have encountered this bridge in countless movies. It has become the icon of San Fransisco, California - this is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Finally, I was able to visit this famous bridge during this visit to California. Last time, I was only able to get a glimpse of it from afar, but this time, me and my colleagues were able to walk/drive across it!

In continuation of our tour around SF, we drove to the bridge as we wanted to visit this tourist spot and take some photos of it. We parked our car near the bridge (there were a lot of tourists around!) and just walked to the bridge itself to do some sightseeing also.

Apparently, there's a lane on both sides of the bridge dedicated for bikers and pedestrians.

I still didn't know how to ride a bike during this time. I would want to try to cross the bridge on a bike if given a chance! :D

Tourist mode. LOL.
I associate the bridge the most to this music video by a 90s boy band 98 degrees - Because of You. 😀

That's the spot where the guys of 98 degrees stood for their MV!

The view below the bridge is just majestic. We can see the waves of the water, which stretches out to the Pacific ocean.

Just look at that view!
We strolled for a bit and just looked around and took photos.

Thank you Columbia for our jackets. 😂

After sometime, it become foggy. We could literally see the mist pass through the bridge from where we were. After several minutes, we couldn't see the other half of the bridge because it already got covered by the fog.

It was a short but sweet visit. It's not everyday that I would be able to visit this iconic bridge. I'm thankful for the opportunity!

See video below for my #oneminutevlog on this. :)

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These photos are taken by me and my colleague Marquee. :)

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