The Moffatts: Farewell Tour in Manila

March 13, 2017

This concert meant a lot to me. As an avid concert-goer, I realized this one tops my concerts bucket list. Why? It just dawned to me that The Moffatts is the very first artist I've ever liked in my life. At the tender age of 9, I started to like these teen guys I saw on TV playing and singing songs. They were the first boys who captured my heart. 💗 I have lots of memories in their songs. My sister and I were among the thousands of fans that fangirled on them (my sister is the bigger fan - she could tell who's Clint and who's Bob in a picture). There was no internet back then so being updated with their activities required extra effort and dedication: from securing newspaper clippings, to collecting magazines and posters of them, recording all their interviews on the radio and TV - we've done all of these for them!

Yep, these guys are my first ever crushes. 😍
When they went here in Manila in 2000 to hold their concert in Araneta, I was still too young so my parents didn't allow me to go. Meanwhile, sister, who was older, was able to attend, together with her elementary best friend. After almost 16 years, they are coming back to Manila to perform (as a trio only though, huhu Dave) for one last tour as The Moffatts. Scott, the eldest among the siblings, is doing solo projects now while Clint and Bob work as a country duo named Endless Summer.

Rumors of a Concert
I remember late last year when I saw a viral post about the possibility of The Moffatts returning again in Manila for a concert. I saw that it was their Father, Frank Moffatt, who created the post, asking Filipino fans if they would be interested to see the boys in Manila again.

Well I was among those fans who sent an email to Frank, and as promised, we got access to purchase concert tickets days before they became open to the public. We got Row 1 tickets in my selected section. I didn't opt for the meet-and-greet passes though because of budget constraints. 😆

The Hype Before The Concert
I was surprised that Scott, Clint, and Bob arrived in Manila a week before their concert date. Apparently, they went here early to do lots of promotions for the concert via TV and radio guestings.

Concert D-Day!
So finally, the day of the concert came! I intentionally didn't listen to any Moffatts song prior to this day because I wanted fresh waves of nostalgia to happen in the concert itself when I hear the songs again.

It's been a while since the last time I watched a show in Araneta Coliseum, and I couldn't help but notice that the audience are nearer to the stage here compared to MOA Arena.

While waiting for the show to start, I noticed again the peeps at the control booth and wondered what background was required to have a similar job. I guess this is now my dream job. 😜

Setlist spotted!
There was no front act announced so when the show started, I was mildly surprised when this guy came out and started singing on stage.

Apparently he's Frank Moffatt (yup, the dad), also known as Lefty Nelson.

The crowd went wild when the boys finally went on stage.

It was the ultimate throwback concert.

The Moffatts Farewell Tour in Manila Setlist
I'll Be There For You
Who Do You Love
Distract Me
Tell Me
I Won't Call
Whenever Not Ever
Bang Bang Boom
Call The Doctor
Just Another Phase
Girl of My Dreams
When You Say Nothing at All
I Will
Amen For Women
Without You
Love Isn't
Rainy Afternoon
Girls of the World
Love You More
If Life Is So Short
Miss You Like Crazy

My heart was bursting with every song because lots of memories came rushing in (it was a right idea not to listen to any of their songs prior to the concert 😀). I could feel that most of the people in the coliseum felt the same as we all sang along loudly to our favorite Moffatts hits. The atmosphere that night was just so warm and happy.

They also performed several of their new material too.They knew this is the perfect opportunity to promote their recent works. I must say I am surprised that Scott has crossed song genres. His songs now have electronic pop vibes.

I love his glittery guitar!
Clint and Bob also performed as Endless Summer.

Clint and Bob during their Facebook Live session
Someone also joined them on stage a little bit later. They introduced her as a friend, but I think she's Bob's wife (edit: apparently she's a family friend, her name is Rachel Peters, who won as Bb. Pilipinas 2017!)

She sang one song with the boys on stage.
The trio continued to sing old Moffatts songs for the rest of the show. I could tell that they were really enjoying their time on stage. I bet that night was as nostalgic to them as it was for their fans.

I'm just so glad that the boys grew up well. They're still so handsome. 😊 I'm also happy that they are still making music. They didn't mention Dave during the concert (although I wished they did, just to acknowledge their brother) but for those who don't know, Dave Moffatt, the youngest among the siblings, is currently a yoga teacher in Toronto. Being an entertainer and being famous is not part of his way of life anymore. 😞

Still, I'm so happy to see 3/4 of my favorite band live. We really missed them like crazy. Although this is their last concert as "The Moffatts", I hope this is not the last time we'll be seeing them in the concert scene. 'Til next time Scott, Bob, and Clint!

[update: 01-May-2017]
Apparently Dave is coming to Manila for a concert also on May 27 at the Music Museum. Good for him! Though I'm really wondering why the hassle of holding a separate concert when they all could have just played as a complete four-member band.

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