KPOPCon8: Keeping The K-Passion Alive! [★]

March 06, 2017

[December 2016]

I cannot believe the KPOP Convention in the Philippines is already in its 8th year! Time really flies fast!

I've been to the KPOP Convention several times in the past, but this was my first time to attend as part of the media! This is all thanks to the opportunities given to me by KpopChannelTV! Before, I was just an ordinary fan who went to the convention (well not that ordinary, because I was awarded on stage for a contest during my first time there). We don't really know where life would take us next, right? 😄

I was late for this event because I initially went to the wrong venue. It took me a while to realize that the convention was actually happening in another place. 😅 Good thing there's Uber, I was able to transfer to the correct location in just a few minutes. 👍

I went straight to the media area (which was in front of the stage!). There, I met up with Lei (my fellow KPOPChannelTV correspondent) and Minsei, an official staff of the KPOP site. I was able to meet fellow media people covering for various sites like HelloKPOP, WhenInManila, and KStreetManila.

The program was already starting (obviously) when I arrived. Apparently Viu is one of the sponsors of the event. They were giving away standees of Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki to two lucky fans! 😍

These lucky girls won those standees! Congrats!
Kring Elenzano (I also saw Jimmy Kim!) was at a table with us. I think she's there as a judge for a contest. She's one of the household names among the local KPOP community. I've seen her a number of times but I still get starstruck... I was too shy to ask for a picture. 😭

One of the highlights of the convention was Offroad's performance!

The lessons I learned in Kris Rocha's music photography workshop came in handy. I was all over the place, trying to capture different angles of the stage! With my every move, I remembered the stuff that Kris taught me. I made sure that I didn't block any of the fans when shooting and I respected the other photographers' space on the pit area.

Hello Harang! *wave*

Offroad debuted in 2012. Looks like they've been performing for a while now. I just wonder why they're not that active in the KPOP scene (or am I missing something?). These boys have talents! They have exceptional vocal powers. Heck, they covered DBSK's Love in the Ice!!! (insert emoshinki feels here 😭). Not all boy groups can do justice to a song like that! It was my first time to see this group so when I heard them sing one of my most loved songs of my favorite KPOP group of all time, I couldn't help but judge them for it. After their performance, I just had to give them a huge thumbs up. 👍 Good job boys, you didn't disappoint!

Fans getting hyped up for Offroad!
My favorite shot of Daeown. 😍

Offroad prepared games for the fans! They threw balls to the audience, and whoever catches them would join them on stage for some fun and interactive games!

go catch the ball!

And when I said interactive.... I meant there would be some hugging...

... and eye contact moments with them. 😍

Each fan was partnered with an Offroad member. They did some guessing games (wherein the oppas did the actions and the fan guessed for the word).

They boys were all smiles the whole time. Looks like they really had an awesome time with the fans!

Offroad waving happily to their fans.

As the KPOPCon program continued, the next performer was Narra, a co-ed sing/dance group under ShowBT Philippines.

One of the members of Narra singing a ballad.
By the end of the program, various groups were awarded on stage.

EXO Philippines - Fanclub of the Year

Cosplay (solo) winner
Dance Battle Winners
As people were wrapping up the program on stage, I noticed the KPOP-Look-Alike winners sitting beside us in the media area. Of course I needed to have photos of them! Guess which artists are their look-alikes!

I am not sure why he's posing with an Ajinomoto. 😕

Hey girl, you look familiar!

This ones a giveaway. If didn't know he's a look-alike, I'd think he's the real thing. 😍

I'm confident you guessed it all correctly. They are the look-alikes of Kim Heechul (Super Junior), Rain and Park Bom (2NE1).

Here's Minsei interviewing the three of them.

Congrats to the Philippine KPOP Convention Committee for this successful event! 'Til the next convention! 😁

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