ShowBT Night 2016: Leaping High!

March 08, 2017

[December 2016]

Seeing Offroad and Narra perform during KPOPCon8 was such a joy, that's why I was honored when we got invited to watch them again perform, this time for ShowBT Night which was held at Samsung Hall in SM Aura. It was my first time to watch a show at that venue so I was twice as excited for this event.

Our seat was so near the stage!
ShowBT Philippines is a Korean company doing business here in Manila. They are a "multi-event and entertainment management" company and tonight's program showcased two of their talent groups - Offroad and Narra.

Fans waiting for the show to start
It was my first time during KPOPCon8 to hear about this group, but it looks like they already have a number of followers here in the country because the fans were very energetic as they screamed and shouted for Offroad and Narra.

To start the program, some of the ShowBT staff went up on stage to give their opening remarks for the show.

I think he's the head of ShowBT. Based on what I understood in their presentation, he was a former comedian in Korea.
After the formalities, the performances started with members of Narra performing song and dance numbers.

For a moment, I felt like I was in some kind of musical/broadway show. The Narra members did several costume changes for each of their presentation. The members also had different roles for each part - the backup dancer of one number came out as a singer in the next one. These guys are multi-talented! Each of them can sing and dance well!

After a number of performances from Narra, Offroad came up on the stage also to perform!

The crowd went wilder as the oppas of Offroad sang on stage. 
In-between their performances, there were games held for the audience wherein Offroad posters and merch were given away.

This girl looked familiar. Apparently she's the same fan who got to hug Hwarang during KPOPCon8! Lucky gal!

Offroad also performed with Narra in the following dance numbers.

Offroad also did some cover songs including "Good Girl" by GDxTaeyang

Again, I noticed that Harang was a crowd favorite. Now I know why - he was always all smiles and waving to the fans, sending out kisses and making heart-shapes with his hands. He's such a cutie! 💗

It was a great night of music, showcased by the talents of Narra and Offroad. Good job guys! 👍

Thanks again to Ms. Andrea Salutin for inviting us!


ShowBT Philippines

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    1. Oo, andami pa ng back log ko hehehe. Yung SLR gamit ko dyan. :D


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