Drama Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo [❁]

March 19, 2017

There's more to this review than meets the eye.

Yup, this is one of my Viu discoveries yet again. Actually I watched Page Turner even before this one (I'll be making a separate review of that soon!) but I just watched one specific episode of this drama and I felt that I wanted to make a review of this the soonest time possible.

The drama has a very unique female protagonist - Kim Bok Joo is a weighlifter. Not a very lady-like I know, but this is one of the sweetest pre-relationship development I've seen in dramas. 

There were just some aspects of the story that irked me. To mention one - the coaches' attitude. Why are they like that? They acted like bullies on the students they are training. They always blurted out negative comments that sounded like rants. Anyone who'd hear them would feel bad and would feel ashamed - what more the student they're addressing those comments to? It has become my pet peeve to hear people just complaining and not offering a solution to the problem at hand. Those coaches should make their athletes feel better if they made mistakes and to continue cheering them to try harder. Is the drama portraying something that really happens in real life? If that's the case then I'm so relieved I didn't become an athlete. 😓

Okay, let's talk about the more positive sides of the drama. 😀 I really liked the process how Bok Joo and Joon Hyung got together - it was a slow but satisfying process (at least for me). That's what my ideal process - casual friends but became closer because of the hardships in life they got to experience together. Both parties are there to help each other. Then they'd share secrets with each other, which will bind them even closer. Then shortly after, realize they have actually fallen in love with each other. Bok Joo did something in the drama that I usually do (hence this blog lol) so I got really giddy when Joon Hyung did those things for her. 💗

One of my takeaways from the drama is the counseling process Joon Hyung underwent to overcome his trauma. So is that how a counseling goes? Well it's kind of interesting for me, for various reasons. I'd compose a whole blog on that topic (uh I think I already did?) so I guess you'll have to check some comments for the details. Only sane people will question their sanity. I believe that statement. 

I'm very impressed with Lee Sung-kyung, the actress who plays as Bok Joo. I still cannot fathom that she's the same one who played as the irritating villain in Doctors. Her character is so likeable here, it totally erased her previous role from my mind. 

This is one great drama! Thank you for introducing me to Joon Hyung. I'll be hunting him in other dramas from now on. :D

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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