Book Stop Project: Give A Book, Get A Book

April 30, 2017

I love books. Before the age of the internet, these were my escapes from reality. Anyone who has read Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia knows what great adventures readers would experience from reading such stories.

I prefer reading physical books versus the electronic ones. There's something captivating about turning the leaves of a book and actually reaching that last one page marking the end of the story. This is why I have a number of books in my room and actually have a shelf dedicated to them.

I already forgot how I discovered this "mobile" library called The Book Stop Project. It is a "pop-up public library network", strategically set up on different keypoints in the metro, promoting book exchanges and also holding public interactive literary events.

When I learned that #TheBookStopPH will be returning to Ayala Triangle again, I knew I had to pay a visit. Plus, I have a few titles that I am willing to donate to the library. Maybe I can also find a new book to read? So on one week day I took an early off from work and walked my way to the park, excited to check out the library!

When I arrived, I was expecting some staff from the Book Stop Project manning the library. But there was none. I just saw some notices with house rules and how this open library works.

So I guessed it's all honesty system here - either you get a book in exchange for some of your own, or just borrow one. I don't know how these rules have worked for the library. I hoped some of the books really got returned after being borrowed.

So with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to four of my books, all of which I bought from Booksale.

Then I took this book out of one of the shelves because on the back cover, the author was compared to the likes of Tolkien and CS Lewis. I felt this is a good book, so I took it with me. Fast forward to home when I started reading it, I realized this is part of a series. So I guess I'll have to hunt down the other books before I finally read this!

The Book Stop Project will be staying at the Ayala Triangle Gardens until May 22. They also have a lot of activities in store, check them out below!

I wished I could have stayed longer in that library, but I had to rush home and do stuff. I hope those people who would get my books would cherish them the way I did.

Thanks #TheBookStopPH! Hope to see you around again! 😉

Spread the word! Give a book, get a book!

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