Drama Review: Page Turner

April 13, 2017

Page Turner is another drama discovery I did on Viu. I was then in an emotional phase and I needed lots of distractions so as not to think too much about things. I just finished watching A Girl & Three Sweethearts (which I really liked). I was beginning to feel down again so I browsed for the other available dramas on Viu and that's how I discovered this drama!

Apparently this is just a short drama, consisting only of three episodes! I think this is the shortest Korean drama I've watched so far. The drama got my attention because it was centered on playing the piano! I've always been fascinated with the piano (I'm currently self-studying) and so this drama was perfect for me. It was added bonus when I discovered that my favorite actor, Ji Soo, also starred in this drama!

Oh hello there Ji Soo!
He was also sporting funky violet hair highlights, which I associated with my own hair (I also had violet highlights during this time). He also lets Kim So Hyun's character to ride the bike (I was also obsessed with biking then).I really felt it was meant to be for me to watch this drama!

I adore people who pursue music professionally. I have a high school batchmate who is a professional violinist now (I got to attend her recital during college). This path was never an option for me, so I really look up to people who play music for a living (thus my obsession with seeing artists in concerts). For this drama, we get to see the conflicts encountered by the characters in pursuit of mastering to play the piano. Page Turner showed us that even if you become blind or just a beginner, you can learn how to play the piano as long as you have the passion to do it.

It was only for a short time but I enjoyed watching it. I was kinda relieved that no romance was developed between the characters - the drama focused more on their mission to play the instrument perfectly.

Thanks to this drama, I got inspired to continue learning how to play the piano. I realized that it's not too late for me. As long as I practice consistently, I will be able to play well the songs that I love on the piano. 😀🎵🎹

Page Turner | KBS2
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