Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

April 13, 2017

I know this is a bit late already, but this post has been in my Drafts folder for some time now. Since it's the Holy Week here (which means a two-day holiday for us!), I've got a lot of time in my hands, so might as well publish some of the posts that's been in my queue for a while now.

Tale as old as time. Disney's Beauty and the Beast is one of our favorite fairytales because it teaches us that true love surpasses physical appearances. Honestly, the story didn't have a special place in my heart. I am familiar with the story but I didn't really got attached to it. When the buzz for a live-action movie version came out, I got interested only because Emma Watson would star as Belle. I was curious how she would carry out the character.

Emma is most famous for her role in the Harry Potter movies as Hermione Granger. I've been a fan of the book and the movies. I've watched all of the films, that's why I can't help but still associate Emma with the Hermione character. Actually, this is what the review is all about.

Hermione and Belle has a lot of things in common, and the scenes in the movie reminded me much about the smart girl that Hermione is.

Love for Books

Well we all know how Hermione is such a straight-As know-it-all student, and books are her best friends! We see the same trait with Belle and it's kind of lovely to see Emma holding and reading books happily in the movie. Some things stay the same. 😊

Sneaking Around Palaces at Night

A lot of times Hermione, together with Harry and Ron, sneaked around the Hogwarts palace at night doing their own investigations about weird things happening in school (i.e. leading to the discovery of that three-headed dog and the basilisk to name a few). That kind of curiosity holds the same for Belle as she went to the West Wing of the Beast's palace to find out what he was hiding in there. Turns out it was where the enchanted rose was being kept by the Beast, and that's where she discovered the curse.

Teleporting to a Different Place

If you are a Potterhead, you'd know what a portkey is. One touch on a portkey will transport you to a different place. This kind of magic flashed back to me while watching that part of Beauty and the Beast where Beast is showing that enchanted book to Belle. Just one touch and they were transported to the very room in Paris where Belle's mom died.

Fight Scenes in a Forest

Emma in a fight-or-flight mode in a forest? We've seen that many times in almost all Harry Potter movies whenever they were in the Forbidden Forest. Looks like Emma is not really safe in a place with lots of trees as we see her as Belle trying to escape from a pack of wolves one snowy night. Good thing the Beast came as her knight-in-shining-armor and chased the wolves away.

and finally...

Dressing Up for a Ball

One of the most memorable scenes of the Goblet of Fire movie was the Yule Ball because we got to see everyone dressed up. Highlight was the dance between Hermione and Viktor Krum. :D And we see Emma again all dressed up, this time in that iconic yellow dress as Belle. 💗

I enjoyed seeing Beauty and the Beast, though I don't know, I think I'll always see Hermione in Emma Watson. Maybe I just miss watching the Harry Potter films. I'd better grab the books and reread the series all over again. 😀


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