Review: 13 Reasons Why

April 28, 2017

There a lot of things to say about this series, and how it affected me. I finished watching all 13 episodes in a week, even staying up until dawn going through one episode to another. It was one of those shows where I was really sucked into the story, coming to my senses only when the credits began to roll.

I love the progression, the transitions, and the ending scenes. It was all well crafted. Sleepless nights of watching the series resulted to groggy work days with swollen puffy eyes, but I don't regret binge-watching it. The emotions brought about by the episodes were too much to take, I wanted it to be over already, instead of mulling about the next parts of the story for days.

I like Clay. He reminds me of someone I know in real life. I enjoyed watching him explore their neighborhood at night using his bike. Sometimes I forget the characters here are teens, and that I am around 10 years older than them. I felt like I was back in high school again.

I'm amused to see cassette tapes being used in the series. Who among the young generations of today know these things existed? I used to do a lot of voice recordings when I was a child, and seeing those tapes made me all nostalgic.

Here are some of my random takeaways from 13 Reasons Why

  • Selena Gomez is the executive producer of this series.
  • The series is based on a book, and apparently I've seen the cover several times in the past.
  • The series has an amazing OST. Listen to the tracks, relive the story.
  • Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker's role, is a swimmer, a singer, and a pianist! I think this girl is gonna be big! She's multi-talented.

There are rumors that there will be a second season, I hope there's none anymore. The story started with Hannah Baker. It's about her. But she's already gone so I see no point to stretch the story timeline. But in case they do, I won't deny I'll go watch it, just to see Clay again. 😅

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