Kento Yamazaki Movie Marathon

April 16, 2017

Yup, I've spent most of my Holy Week vacation watching the movies I've downloaded last week. My queue consisted of movies that starred this Japanese actor named Kento Yamazaki.

I first saw him in the drama A Girl & Three Sweethearts and I really got to like him and his character there. Since then, I wanted to watch him in other dramas to see more of him. It turns out he plays characters on opposite ends of the spectrum - from a shy soft-spoken guy to this stubborn and popular high school boy. 

Here are some of the dramas I watched during my vacation:

Wolf Girl Black Prince

He plays the typical popular high school boy with a playboy personality. I was not that satisfied with the plot. I didn't get why the girl fell for her after all of that stuff that he did to her. Oh well, that's how the story went anyway. I must say I liked the last scenes of these films, 'cause Kento's character apparently always had a soft spot for this girl.

Kento Highlights: The way he indirectly tells the girl that he actually likes her too... and that last scene. 💗

Control Tower
This kind of movie is similar to what they show during Eiga Sai here in the Philippines. It was all winter during the scenes of this film, and the mood is just cold and mysterious. I was expecting that the girl is sick in this plot (because that's the usual case) but apparently the girl had to move away because their family is running away from debts.

Kento Highlights: He sings and plays the guitar in this film.

This is one of the movies on this list wherein I was deeply moved. The film focused on one circle of friends trying to save their friend from an impending catastrophe, through the help of letters that came from their future selves.

Kento Highlights: His crying scenes here are legit.

Kento plays a guy who likes a girl, but is too self-conscious and shy to convey his feelings. Here comes this Korean girl who helps the two of them connect to each other. It was amusing to see the Korean girl switch languages from Japanese to Korean (especially when she was angry).

Kento Highlights: We see how Kento is as a guy who goes tight-lipped and shy when he's with his love interest (found this really cute!).

Again, this is similar with the Wolf Girl Black Prince movie because Kento plays the role of this mean popular handsome high school boy who took advantage of a naive girl. He made her do a lot of things for her, but in the end the girl falls for him? 😦 What the heck with these plots (if not for Kento, I might have already shut my laptop off)! Of course things still end out well, and eventually Kento reaches out to the girl and shows him his true feelings last minute, which involves a fireworks festival again.

Kento Highlights: That scene when Kento offered his hand to be held by the girl because she was afraid of the thunder.

No Longer A Herione
For this movie, we see the same pairing of Kento Yamazaki to the actress in A Girl & Three Sweethearts drama. This is one of my favorites from this list (second to Orange) because I really liked the way the movie was narrated - lots of anime-like actions and effects. The girl is really pretty and I liked her hair and her outfits in the drama. By the way, what's with fireworks and kisses in Japan? Is going to a fireworks festival a very romantic activity there?

Kento Highlights: I think among all the movies, Kento's character here is my favorite. He defended a helpless girl, and was honest with his feelings towards the end.

Seaside Blue
I'd say this film goes to last place in my list, but because Kento was there, I endured watching it until the end (he only plays a supporting role here by the way). The lead girl looked familiar, and upon googling, I found out that she is the same actor in the movie Flying Colors. The story was okay. I just found it weird that these people love sea creatures, but we see them in the film eating fish (which is kinda ironic to me).

Kento Highlights: We see him being an ever supportive friend to his childhood friend.

I guess I've had enough of Kento Yamazaki through all these films. It's funny 'cause I think I've heard the lines "daisuki dayo" in all these films.

It's been one fun holiday! :D

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