Kammerchor Manila Celebrates 25th Anniversary! #KMBenteSingko

April 30, 2017

I've heard choirs sing several times in my life, but this... this one is different. There's something with this choir that's special, and I couldn't figure out what. And believe me, it's not because my friend is part of it.


My friend Xan has been inviting me to attend Kammerchor Manila's events, but because of one thing and another, I wasn't able to come. This time, because I had some extra time at hand, I told her I'd go when she invited me again. This event is quite special - it's their choir's silver anniversary!

I was running late that day (because of the heavy traffic). When I arrived at the church, I breathed a sigh of relief because the program has not yet started. A few minutes upon entering the venue and finding myself a seat, the show started.

When the choir started singing, I noticed just how precise their technique is in controlling their voices when singing the soft and loud parts. There were parts when they were literally singing at the top of their lungs, but it still sounded good. I don't know how they do it. Listening to them was so relaxing, like I was being lulled to sleep. Though I didn't catch the lyrics of most of the songs they performed that night (most of them were in Latin), I could make out the mood of the song - if it's relaxing, intense, sad, or angry. Just by listening to their voices, my mood changed. I almost cried in that one song that they performed (before Gloria in Excelsis Deo) because I was deeply moved by how beautiful it sounded. I also liked when they performed Marinero, which has a very catchy tune, with the choir members swaying from side to side.

I would love to have a recording of their songs. I'd listen to them every night before going to sleep. Their voices sound like an orchestra - like violins, flutes, and trombones all singing in harmony. The different textures of their voices are just so soothing to listen to. I felt blessed and humbled for being able to hear these angelic voices that night. During most of the show, I felt like I was floating in the clouds and I can see rays of sunlight before my eyes.

Unlike concerts and events that I normally go to, only a few people were were using their phones to film/take photos of the choir. All of the audience were engaged in the experience of listening to the songs being performed. I can't blame them. I felt like I was being entranced all that time. I can just imagine the faces of the audience that night, looking blankly at the choir, and just coming to their senses every end of a song when it's time to applause.

I also fell in love with the music of their conductor, Mr. Anthony Go Villanueva. When he played the piano in the latter part of the show, my heart swooned. I love the piano, and it's such a joy to hear someone play the piano so well.

Kammerchor Manila will be embarking to a European tour later this year. They will be joining contests there, competing with other international choirs. I wish them all the luck! Good luck to my friend Xan! (fun trivia: she's included in the people in this list, and I'm so proud she has achieved her dreams!)

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