CA Trip 2015 (#4): Office Days,The All-Hands, and More Touring

April 13, 2017

The weekdays that followed during this trip were quite busy, each day mostly consisted of  meeting different people in the office, doing our usual work tasks, and touring around after office hours.

During this visit, I did a lot of new things, and repeated some also, which I summarize below:
  • visited Ghirardelli again - and ate some  of their ice cream again :D
  • tried ice skating and failed big time - I had to ask assistance from one of our bosses to walk me back to the side of the rink. I also had one of our higher-ups teach me how to stand on skating shoes, but I still didn't manage to learn. 😓
  • played broomball with colleagues - The guys in our team were really competitive (to the point some of the players got injured and there were some blood on the ice rink) so I was always at the defensive side.
  • walked the "red carpet" during our all-hands meeting - That was the theme of the event so all of us in the team had to dress up, and there was literally a red carpet at the entrance of the event!
  • drank and sang the night away with colleagues - This is where I discovered that I really liked shooters. In one bar, we tried every shooter in their menu, because their drinks had interesting names. They even had a Starburst-flavored shooter. Each shooter drink tasted good (because it was expensive haha). After getting buzzed, we moved to another bar where me and a colleague actually sang (the dj there was Filipino). Well with that, I can actually say I have sang in a bar somewhere in the US. LOL.
It's definitely a trip to remember. Thanks to my colleagues for the memorable experience. I hope I can go back soon. 😊

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