Thank You 2019! #EndOfADecade

December 31, 2019

There are a lot of things to be thankful every year, and so here I am doing my traditional year-end post for the blog! I am so glad that even after all these years, I am still writing stuff on this blog. I still have A LOT of backlog posts to put out here (heh just look at the travel log). Don't worry, I am still doing them. I might be posting them in a very delayed fashion but they are sure to be published to the world.

So what happened to my 2019?

One "milestone" I achieved for this blog was the move to Wordpress. I've had that thought for a while and this year, I finally decided to make it happen. I did appreciate the many cool features that Wordpress has, but after a few months of being in that platform, I've realized that it was not the one for me. So before the year even ended, I went back to Blogger. I guess this experience thought me that it's okay to explore things because it allows you to learn what you want and what you don't want, and that's good in terms of making decisions for yourself. So yeah, lesson learned this year, Blogger is the perfect platform for me!

My fangirling adventures for Taylor Swift continued, as I followed all her activities for her new album "Lover." I almost bought a physical album when I visited Target (during my business trip in the US) but decided I'll just have the digital album (to save me some bucks 😅). I have to say Taylor Swift is my most loved artist now (err The 1975 comes second now... sorry boys). She will be doing her Lover Fest tour this year, and I just hope she comes here in the country for a show. 🙏

Of course one of my greatest accomplishment this year is my solo trip to Tokyo. 🗼 It was the most magical adventure of my life so far. It all feels like a dream now, which is kinda ironic because I have affectionately called that trip my "9-day dream sequence." That's also when I got my first tattoo, which will be my constant reminder that I am enough, that I can do wonderful things for myself, and in the case of tough times, music will always be there for me to cheer me and lift me up from my heavy emotions. It was also during this trip that I learned that it's possible to fall in love with someone in a day. I thought these emotions only existed in movies, but well I have experienced it myself so I guess it's closer to reality than I initially thought.

I also learned that it's even possible to get emotionally closer to my current circle of friends at work. I even earned new friends all because of my Clow Cards. I still have not written this in the blog, but I have been doing readings for my colleagues at the office. Although we don't really take this seriously, it's amusing because the readings match their current issues in life. One colleague even told me that he felt goosebumps while we were doing the reading. We've done readings for several people now at work and through these activities, we even got closer because in some way, we have shared our heart's deepest concerns with each other. 

In terms of the concert scene, I must say I was not that active this year. I was able to see the following artists this year: Jesse McCartney, The 1975 (of course!), Lee Seung Gi (of which I haven't blogged yet 😅), and joan. There were a number of artists that I had to pass for this year, but I promised myself I will attend their concert next time they come here (I'm looking at you IU 😢). I still don't have plans to see a concert next year. I guess this is because my finances are going towards bigger investments now #priorities #adulting.

There are still a lot of untold stories/lessons on the blog for this year, of which I am briefly jotting down here:
  • I have proved to myself that I will be there for my family during the toughest of times. I will drop everything to be with them and to help them out as much as I can.
  • I am independent and I can do things on my own if I wanted to (great things can be achieved through research).
  • There are people whom I will continue to block from my life even though I have already forgiven them. This is my way of protecting myself and my mental health, because I know now that this is the best set up for me. I don't get stressed and I don't have to set expectations from the other party.
  • I acquired a Google Pixel 3a (thanks to my friend Darcy)! And the camera is just amazing! I have also acquired a lot of (material) stuff this year, which just made me realize that technology is really amazing (the Chromecast, bluetooth headphones and mouse).
  • I found a new spiritual path that I could follow from now on. I am still not fully immersed into it, but the Universe has been doing its ways to lead me back to the right track.
  • I have proved several times that I would really never approach a guy that I like. 😭 Delamar, a radio DJ that I follow, has said recently that "Love is for the brave." So hmm I guess it's not for me? 🥺
  • Great food tastes best when in great company.
  • It's a very nice feeling to know that someone is concerned and checks up on you if you've arrived home safely.
  • Expensive food doesn't follow that it's good food.
  • My parents find joy in the simplest of things.
I am looking forward for what's up in 2020. More investments, adventures, and travels! ❤️

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