Bahaghari - Elle Sebastian [♬ ~ #29]

April 02, 2020

Hi guys! Welcome to the first episode of our Lockdown Sessions!

Just kiddin'. It just happened that I had some extra time today and I thought of  playing the piano, you know to break the routine. The song featured today is Bahaghari by Elle Sebastian.

This is my first time to sing while playing the piano. Usually what I do when recording stuff is to play the piano first, record that, edit, then sing while playing the recorded/edited version. Well I guess for today I didn't want to go through the extra steps of importing the piano audio + vocals, editing them on Audacity, etc. etc. So here it is: raw and unedited with all the mistakes (plus some background noises lol).

I love this song so much. Of course the original is way way better. Listen to the track below.

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