Catch Me When I Fall - Penelope [♬ ~ #30]

April 17, 2020

Here we go again, all credits to the self-isolation that we are all in today, I have some time to spare to do some of the creative stuff that I don't usually give attention to on normal days. You know what, at this point it feels like I'm in this long dream and I'm very much looking forward to waking up and finding things the way they used to operate. 

Music is one of things that's keeping me sane these days. I know I am very lucky that the very least I am worrying about is killing boredom or finding the next Youtube channel to binge on. Other people in the community have it much much worse. Watching the news makes me sad and stressed, so I avoid it as much as I can. I know I am, in some way, doing my part in improving this pandemic situation by staying at home and practicing social distancing. My friends have forwarded lots of links with info on how to donate. I would have done that, but in my current situation, I hold on to the saying "charity begins at home." I have siblings who need much of our support, and I recognize that I am capable of assisting. My nieces are all so young and so they really need support, as this is one of the hardest time for their families. If the worse-case scenario happens to my folks, I would also be the one that would need to look after them. So really, I need to put my family first and foremost today.

Anyway, here's the song that I finally got to learn to play on the piano this week. I don't know why I wrote these all but I guess I just had to let those thoughts out. I feel a bit gloomy right now actually. I need to learn another song to distract myself. #autopilotmodeon

Song: Catch Me When I Fall
Arist: Penelope

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