Podcast Spotlight: Safe For Work

April 10, 2020

Even good things come to an end.

That's one cruel reality that we all have to face in this life. Well this might sound a little overly dramatic, but this is how I really felt when I first heard the announcement. Safe for Work podcast has signed-off.

Safe for Work is one of the podcasts that I got to discover through one of those random online websurfing. I was searching the internet for new ones to listen to and with the several websites I landed on, SFW was almost always included on their list of great podcasts to listen to. I had to admit - that title was eye-catching. Once I read the description of the podcast, I jumped all in. I am always up for personal development stuff, and this one definitely fitted the criteria. I would always listen to the podcast in the shuttle on my way to work (so meta!) and I would always pick up a lesson or two from the episode.

I instantly fell in love listening to hosts Liz and Rico when they talk about common issues in the workplace. Plus, the segment wherein they interact with their listeners through emails and calls was always very interesting. Most times I get astonished with the stories they shared, and because of that I got to develop an even deeper appreciation for my own work situation. I like our office culture, I love working with my colleagues, and I really look up to my bosses as they are really great leaders! I felt for those listeners who experienced frustrating stuff in the office, but at the same time I was happy that Liz and Rico were there to give great advice for them.

I would always get excited when there were new episodes on my feed, that's why when I heard their announcement that they were signing off, I felt utterly downcast. I really didn't see it coming. I thought the show would last for years and years because I bet they're popular and really bringing a change to the lives of their listeners.  I never knew the end was near already. I even sent an email to them with my own queries about a career path that I wanted to pursue, but I guess I won't be able to hear them answer that in an episode anymore. 😞.

I would definitely miss this show. Their official last episode aired on March 30, but they would still be publishing at least 5 more episodes after, which would include special and throwback episodes. At least that's something I could still look forward to.

Again, this is something I would highly recommend anyone to listen to. Thank me later. 😉

By the way, this is my 700th post on the blog. Yay! Great job self! 👏*pats myself on the back* 😊

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