Movie Review: Equals

April 29, 2020

Finally, I had the time to sit down and finish watching this movie. I've initally started watching this movie a few months back, but because of some reason I aborted it almost mid-way. A few weeks ago, I finally finished it. Was it worth my time though? I would think so... in one way and another.

Initially this film captured my attention because I well know the actors involved (Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult). Well if you've seen Twilight (yep that Vampire movie) or X-Men First Class, these two actors will be familiar faces to you. It's my first time to see them work together in a film, and honestly I am interested to see their chemisty on-screen. Did Kristen Stewart finally evoke some emotions here? If you really want to know, then read on.

I watched this film during the early days of the quarantine, when I was still feeling a lot of paranoia. The scenes in the first few minutes of the film truly resonated with me, especially when Nicholas returned to his room. I felt lonely in a strange way. I watched this on the HD TV via the Chromecast (doing local livestream with the movie saved offline on the phone). I was so happy I did, because the aesthetics of the movie is just so amazing, it deserves to be seen in a big screen. The beautiful set of a (distorted) utopian world was combined with those artistic shots by the awesome director Drake Doremus. Every shot looked like a minimalist painting. I loved how he played with the shadows and the lines in some frames in the movie. I loved it so much. And oh, I loved the background music too.

Because I was not using headphones when I watched the movie (and there's no subtitles), I had a hard time picking up most of the conversations between Kristen and Nicholas. They were always inaudibly whispering to each other. 😖

The plot of the movie gave me Black Mirror vibes actually. I'm curious why that community didn't like its people to feel emotions. Why are they not encouraging coupling? How would the population procreate? I have so many questions that unfortunately the movie didn't answer. I was hoping that Kristen would be given special measures when she was found pregnant, but no -- she was still considered a criminal and was put into isolation (I doubt if the baby survived... or wait did it?). They were so cruel, I hated it. I was also so affected when the other staff that helped them got caught. I thought their love story would end up like that of Romeo and Juliet, but they didn't and so I felt so happy. Even with that twist in the end, I believe that it was still a happy ending for them (especially that last scene!). And yes, I must say Kristen acted well here. I felt her frustration and fear as she went for her love for Nicholas.

Overall, the movie was good. I still was able to be entertained for a bit. I will never dream of living in that kind of world though -- it just feels sad. I think I would end up going to the outside world also (or worse case be one of those jumpers huhu), the same decision as what the couple wanted for themselves. Emotions (having the ability to love!) are some of the greatest qualities of being human, and I don't want that to be taken away from me, ever.

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