KDrama Review: Her Private Life (Episode 1)

April 17, 2020

I know this drama has been released years ago, but I only got the chance to see it today. I liked the premise of the series and so I added it to My List on Netflix. Because it's a Friday today and we are all still in Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), I decided to spend the afternoon watching the first episode.

It's been a while since I watched a kdrama series (the last one I think is Hotel Del Luna?). This is the first Korean drama wherein I will do this per-episode-review thing on the blog (see the one I wrote for Locke & Key). I guess this will be my way of entertaining myself for the next few days to come. 😊

🔓The Private Fangirl Life. The main deciding factor why I got curious to watch this drama is the description that the main character has this "secret life" of being a fangirl. To be honest, I have somewhat had this same situation. When I was at my peak (😆) of being a 동방신기 fan, I felt somewhat embarrassed of it, thus it became my guilty pleasure. When people asked where I was headed out to, I told them I would just be meeting my friends. The truth was I was actually going to a get-together party with my fellow fans to celebrate a member's birthday. 😅 This is why the premise of that drama really appealed to me. And guess what? IT. DID. NOT. DISSAPOINT. 

Sung Duk-mi, our heroine in this series, is not just any other fangirl, she was born as one (there was even a few-second homage for 동방신기 when she arrived home wearing a red Cassiopeia jacket 💗) She's a fansite admin that takes airport photos of her bias member using that high-end DSLR. She is an expert in her field! She even brings a ladder with her so she could get a good angle of the artist amidst the other clamoring fans. I super loved that scene in the airport where she was the only fan observant enough to expect Sian (the kpop idol) to exit in the other gate instead of the one where all the fans were waiting. The result: she got exclusive photos of him upon his arrival.

And remember, take photos in Burst mode!
I super related with that scenario because I've had my share of being a media representative for KPOP fansites. They would usually ask us if we were available to go to the airport to document an idol's arrival (of which I never got to do because uhm I didn't have the time). I share the sentiment of Duk-mi when she felt all giddy when her airport photos got thousands of likes in social media. Previously, I had the chance to cover a KPOP concert and one of my tasks then was to post photos of the event in the fansite's offical Twitter account. I felt so happy when hundreds of people liked and retweeted the photos I took. 💓Although it could be an exhausting process (because it involves countless of hours in front of the computer), I super enjoyed looking through the photos I took and selecting which one to edit and to publish. Aaah I miss going to concerts and taking photos!

🎨Her full-time job is being a curator of a museum. I'm super loving her power outfits in the office! I would never think that this formal woman is actually a fangirl at heart. I suddenly remembered an actual experience wherein I saw the president, of the previous company I worked with, in a KPOP concert. When I approached to greet her, she laughed so hard when she saw me, and I think it was an unexpected meeting. She was with her amigas and I guess she was also a bit embarrassed that I got to see the fangirling side of her. 😅

🎵The official soundtrack took me by surprise. Help Me by (G)I-DLE is in my Spotify playlist for some time now and I didn't know it is from this drama. This is a good sign that I would really be enjoying this drama. 😀

🌸Whenever I see cherry blossoms, it instantly lights me up. There's one painting that was shown in this episode (although for a few seconds only) and it really made me happy. By the way, happy first anniversary to my cherry blossom tattoo!

🗲I found it amusing that they used the term Muggle (머글), which has a Harry Potter context.

🤶👩 I see familiar actors in this drama: the mother and the best friend. I can't remember which specific drama I already saw the mother actor, but I am 100% sure her role was also a mother there. 😂Meanwhile, the last time I saw the best friend actor was in the drama Encounter (though upon googling, I learned that she also appeared in Hotel Del Luna, but just a cameo in an episode).

👯How fun it is to have a friend whom you could fangirl as hard as you? Well I got to actually have that kind of experience with my sister. Our trip to Seoul in 2015 is still one of my best memories with her. I found the scenes in the hotel suite so hilarious -- every fangirl would be able to relate to their pilgrimage activity, especially the part of recreating the idol's photos. 😂

🗋 One of our heroine's first dilemma is her boss. The takeaway? Never accept decisions done verbally. Everything should be in writing!

Episode Rating: ★★
And this is just the start! I am so looking forward to the next episodes! I am curious how the love story would blossom, given how obnoxious the male character is so far. 🤔

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