KDrama Review: The King: Eternal Monarch (Episode 15)

June 07, 2020

How fast time flies, here we are at the second-to-the-last episode of the drama! Most of the puzzle pieces established throughout the series are now being fitted into the bigger picture, although let's be honest -- one last episode to go and we still have a lot of questions! I really hope this show neatly wraps up all the loose ends, or else I'm going to lose it. LOL.

The episode begins with JTE still by the roadside bleeding, but still manages to make and take a few phonecalls - first one asking the police station for back up, and second is his dad telling him about the kids that caused trouble in the neighborhood. When I saw that it was his dad calling, I hoped that he would be able to rescue JTE. Welp, he just commented on how her voice sounded different and then immediately hung up 😖 (I think this scene is the cause of my dream the following night wherein I was calling home due to an emergency and unfamiliar voices always picked up the phone and they always failed to pass the call to my mother). Good thing there were bystanders who noticed JTE lying on the ground and they got to rescued her.

Meanwhile, KSJ comes face-to-face to LL, giving him an offer to save one of his mothers (RoK and KoC versions). Well too bad LL, because KSJ is not loyal to any of them so you can't really tie him down.

When LG finally gets to visit JTE at the hospital, I found it noticeable that LG is still wearing that black outfit throughout their meeting. Didn't he take a bath since he travelled from the past? 😅 I am happy to see these happy moments between LG and JTE but at the same time I am scared because this might be their last moments together. During that scene on the bench, it was clear from LG's facial expression that he has already decided on what needs to be done. Clearly JTE felt that vibe because she tearfully stated her additional rules for their relationship. JTE knew what was coming and she is still in denial.

When PM Koo learned the news on the car accident that happened involving Sejin (the supposed next heir to the throne that LG mentioned) and the pregnant wife that LL swapped, we saw her panicking as she made a call to her mother. Then she frantically asked her what her dinner was. When her mother answered jjajangmyeon, major goosebumps crawled under my skin as the realization hit me. 🤯 PM Koo dropped the phone and started screaming and crying, while I stared incredulously on the TV screen. No wonder PM Koo established that code (to always answer "mackerel" when asked about dinner) between her and her mother because she knew this was bound to happen. I was still processing this event a few minutes after (I found it hard to concentrate in the scene that followed wherein KSJ was confessing to JTE). I just felt so bad for PM Koo. 😭

In this episode, we finally saw where that first scene in episode one fitted into the story. It's unnerving to see LL's character to be so vulnerable in this episode. I guess we are really now witnessing the end of his evilness.

Additional Observations/Theories/Commentaries:
  • I always found it eerily fascinating whenever LL asks his doppelgangers "Did you pray?" He really is so into playing god. Also, I loved it when he said  "If you want to throw away your life, why not give it to me?" That line's so good.
  • It's so random for LL to visit Nari in her coffee shop. This is not the first time it happened. But it seems like he has no special plans for Nari. Does he have a crush on her? LOL. In this episode, Nari performs palm-reading on LL, and I think her statement accurately depicts LL's destiny. 😂
  • I like how in some scenes, a payphone is just included in the frame (i.e. that part where JTE and LG were hugging outside the hospital). I see it as a subtle homage of how important the role of payphones were in the drama.
  • When Song Jeong-Hye and LG finally meet, I loved her line "Don't die because of me. I am not your mother." I even chanted the last sentence along with her because I just knew that was what she was about to say. The message was so powerful. I super loved that scene!
  • I was cracking up when LG ran to the police station (time is still frozen) and Jangmi is showed half-way biting a chicken. That was so hilarious! 🍗
  • From the point wherein LG and LL met in the middle of the street, while the time is still frozen, up to KSJ's and LG's journey to KoC, I already got confused with the timeline of events. I think I would need to rewatch this episode to soak in all of the details of those events that followed.
  • I liked KSJ's character more now. He was loyal to the correct people. I just hope he gets a happy ending also (after all the terrible things that happened to his family and his unrequited love).
  • The flowers that LG gave to JTE at the end of episode 10 suddenly faded to nothing at her room. What does that mean? Will LG continue to rewrite history as he goes back to the past (with Jo Yeong)?
  • My fondness for Lady Noh also grew more in this episode. She really cares and loves the king.
Episode Rating: ★★★★★
One more episode to go and I am still unsure if LG and JTE would have a happy ending. I want to know what their fate is, but also I am still not yet ready for this drama to end! 😢

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