The King: Eternal Monarch: Special Preview Analysis

June 04, 2020

We still have a two days to go before episode 14 and 15 of TK:EM gets released on Netflix. Well, because we have lots of time in our hands and we tend to over analyze things especially for this drama, here are some of the observations that I have noted on the special preview clip that was dropped before episode 13 was aired last week. It's 4 minutes long, and I have to say it gives out a lot more information about how the series will end, and it just made me anticipate the last 3 episodes more.

See the full clip below.

As far as what I have searched online, there are no English subtitles, so I'm just going to give my best effort of providing the English translation of the scenes (thanks to Youtube CC and Papago).

시간이 아주 많이 흐른 뒤에야 알았다 
It was only after a long time that I knew

운영에 우연은 없다 는 걸 
I'm sure there's no coincidence.

운명은 스스로 선택이지만
Fate is your choice.

그중 어떤 운명은 공명이 우리 선택하기도 한다는걸
Some of the fates have been chosen by resonance.

My theory: This is the scene wherein LG turns back time (he's wearing the same black jacket from end of episode 13) and visits JTE. Then JTE remembers the moment she was talking to LG when the first snowfall happened, and then another scene wherein it's still snowing but she's no longer talking to anyone. She is crying because LG is saying goodbye to him.

The scene that followed showed the first time they met at the Gwanghwamun square, but it is remarkable to note that it's JTE who hugs LG first. This is the exact opposite of what happened during the first episode. I really think the original timeline of events would change because LG would turn back time.

The next scenes that was shown narrated all the events up until LG's rescue to JTE's when she arrival to KoC because of LL's doings. 

And then totally new scenes followed after that. PM Koo here is shown talking to someone. She's now fully on board with LL's plans. I wonder what her role would be moving forward, now that she has officially removed from her position.

And then we see the two flute-holders come face-to-face inside the portal. What would happen if both of them were crossing over? Would they meet inside?

This next scene really rattled my brain. With the same outfit, LG runs across the street through frozen time (all the people around are not moving), and then he hugs JTE whose hands are covered in blood. What happened? I still couldn't connect this scene so I guess I'll really have to wait 'til Friday to see the whole picture. 

In episode 14 preview, JTE gets stabbed by Luna. Is this scene after it happened? But wait, is this really JTE... or are we being deceived again by her doppelganger?

I still have so many questions, and we're now down to the last 3 episodes. I really hope the story gets wrapped up nicely (happy ending juseyo!!!).

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