Q2 2020 Goals Evaluation

June 27, 2020

Honestly, I wasn't able to focus on my goals last quarter... so I am actually uncomfortable writing up this post because uhm I have nothing to report? 😨 But well, outside this list I still was able to accomplish other things. I have realized that the world now is my classroom and there are endless number of "subjects and electives" that I could now take to learn my lessons. With that said, I am proud to say that I am becoming a Coursera junkie and I have been enjoying this new category of learning. I have also realized that feeding your mind and keeping yourself informed is the best way of distraction, for me at least. And with all the new knowledge that I have acquired for the past quarter, here is how I evaluate my goals:

🛑 Career - I'm still pushing through with my plans.
Again, I am changing my mind. Based on this Netflix documentary, the solution for this pandemic is really the creation of an effective vaccine, which would help in slowing down the spread of the virus until the world population achieves the state of herd immunity. The estimated time for this to be achieved is within a year at the very least. Which means I can't really move around until that time happens. And so I guess I'll buy this time to level up my skillset so I would be well equipped for the future.

🏃‍♀️Physical and Health - Lower body fat average by 5%
LOL. I tried to be consistent on this one. I have been able to do the abs exercise challenge for more than a month, but meh I after that this habit dwindled down. Although I have to say I am glad that I am maintaining my weight despite all the snacks that I have been consuming ever since the lockdown. Well I have to challenge myself further so that I could actually lose some of my belly fat. 😭 

🏆 Educational - Build a marketable skillset outside my profession
Hey hey hey apparently I still earn some credits for this quarter. As I have mentioned above, I am starting to enjoy taking random courses online. I am starting to have an interest in this one creative medium. I will continue exploring that and see if I really like it. 🎤👩

🏆 Finished
🏃‍♀️ Still in Progress
🛑 Aborted

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