Book Reads: Bitten (Susie Bright)

June 13, 2020

This book is another purchase from the Humble Bundle website. This time, this is through their Love, Dating, & Sex by Chronicle Books bundle, which was offered back in February (because why not, it's love month!). It's a collection of dark erotic stories (a genre that I am very much intrigued with), and I must say -- this purchase is oh so worth it. I'm not a stranger when it comes to the "e" genre (exhibit A & exhibit B) but I think this is the first time I encountered this category to be associate with dark. And little did I know, I was in for a wild and thrilling ride. With this book, I realized this is the kind of material that appealed to me, all because of the cunning use of words. It satisfied my imagination well. 😉

It's not just the steamy rendezvous that we would get from each story. Each narrative is delicately laid within a luscious storyline apt for a movie or a book in itself. I'd place these tales along the ranks of Neil Gaiman's short stories. The stories were of same caliber as his Snow, Glass, Apples

Here are a few of the stories that stuck with me.

The Devil's Invisible Scissors
This is a very enthralling story. I wanted to read more about Gina's adventures and the stories of the people she encountered. I also wanted to discover the rules of that world. And just when you thought you already knew what was coming, well you're in for a surprise.
The Resurrection Rose
I would watch a series based on this. I want to see people across history searching for this rose because they wanted to reach immortality. But only upon meeting the Rose would they know its dark secrets, and that knowledge would cause them their deaths. Hello script writers out there, there's content in here. Make this a Netflix series! 🥀

Smoke and Ashes
It has a simple plot but I love all the mind play that is executed in here. Also teenage angst and sexual tension are two key elements of any young adult novel. I also loved that little detail in the end. You have to be smart and skilled enough to realize your position -- so are you the hunter, or are you actually the prey?

The Unfamiliar
I think this is one of my top favorites from the book. I thought a huge catastrophe was bound to happen, but good thing actions were made just in time. I liked that it also somewhat has an open ending, and the possibility of another encounter is very probable. I just hope that girl knows what she's getting herself into.

Cross-Town Incubus
If this won't get you drippin' I don't know what else would. Again, the play of words is so beautiful. This also takes one of the top spots for me from this book.

If you're bored and in quarantine, a little play of the imagination would surely help you get by. Stay safe and healthy!

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