Book Reads: The Little Book of Bees (Karl Weiss) [☝]

June 23, 2013

Because of an honest mistake, this book landed on my reading list. I originally intended to read The Secret Life of Bees. However, I got the book title mixed up and instead picked up this book. It dawned to me that it was the wrong book when I was already at home and I flipped the first page. (。 >艸<)


The book's content is like a chapter about bees straight from a Biology book. The information written there are very detailed and I think anyone who is fond of the insects and yearns to know more about them and their social behaviour will find this the perfect book for them.

Reading the book brought me back to my student days and it kinda felt like I was studying for a Biology class. xD Through this book I was able to learn some interesting facts.

There are guard bees that protect the entrance of the colony's nest. Bees secrete certain smell that all bees of the colony recognize. Returning bees to the nest are checked by the guards by their smell to verify if the bees belong indeed in their colony.
Parasite female bees sneak into others' nests to place their eggs there. Some parasites leave their eggs on the host colony's nest without the queen bee noticing it and think that its their own eggs that they are taking care of.
Some bees mate while flying on air. It is true that male bees die after a few days after mating.  
Bees have amazing abilities in locating their source of food. They dance in zig-zag motion as a signal to fellow bees that they found food.

These are just some of a few traits of bees that I got to learn from the book. It is really amazing how organized the world of bees are. 

I think humanity can learn something from these little creatures. Their society is very organized. Each bee has a specific role in the colony. I wondered if there are "lazy" bees because all their life they put their effort in cultivating their colony. xD 

It's indeed appropriate to associate these insects in busyness hence the saying busy as a bee.

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